27 August 2014


Hey everybody!

I finally got online to post a quick update: you might have noticed that I haven't blogged as much in the last week and that is because me and Liam moved into our first home together! As exciting as it's been, the move was also a little stressful, tiring and time consuming - but we're finally settling into our new home.

We've been very busy fixing up the house, which unfortunately hasn't been given to us in the best of states - but on the upside we get to put our own personal touches in the house, even though it's rented!  Our new house backs up onto a nature reserve in a small town in Hampshire, which makes for a very happy dog who gets to run around the lakes and explore the fields around our house. And of course, we're over the moon to have our own space!

This week we finally got the internet up and running in the house, so I'll be back to posting in no time! And I already have a couple of posts lined up which should be an interesting read! Once the house is nice and ready (after our mega trip to IKEA this weekend!) I'll also be doing a house tour. But for now, I'm going to go and sit on our new couch and enjoy a cuppa :)


10 August 2014


iPhone case from Iconemesis*

I was recently contacted by Iconemesis - an iPhone case brand which does the cutest designs from talented artists! I have been a fan of their Fifi Lapin iPhone cases for a while now, so I was excited to not only receive my own stylish bunny case but also to hear their latest news: Iconemesis is a growing brand, and they need crowd funding help in order to reach their goals!

For me, it's difficult to find phone cases I like because I don't like a lot of 'bling', or 'flappy' cases (where you've got a flap that you can store your cards in, etc), or just plain boring cases. And if anyone gets an iPhone case near me which has the quilted and diamond design - just no, I just can't with them. So when I first found out about Iconemesis I was over the moon to see their stylish Fifi Lapin phone cases! But that's my personal preference - there are plenty more designs to choose from if Fifi just doesn't hit the right note. I just love this stylish rabbit! (I never thought I'd be taking fashion inspiration from an animal cartoon, but here we are.)

The Iconemesis Indiegogo campaign is live now and will be until the 21st of August. Their goal is to reach $9,100 and everyone who contributes an amount to this total sum can get contributor perks such as getting your own iPhone cases. I think that crowd funding is an awesome way for new brands to get the financial help they need in order to grow their business.

I'm wishing Iconemesis all the luck in reaching their target goal, and I'm really hoping to see more of their cute designs on the web soon - so lets help them get the contributions they need, and if you back them up you can even get your own free iPhone case!


6 August 2014

Healthy Living: Walking

hampshire lifestyle blog
hampshire lifestyle blog
hampshire lifestyle blog
hampshire lifestyle blog
hampshire lifestyle blog
hampshire lifestyle blog
hampshire lifestyle blog
what i'm wearing: dress vintage (was my mums!) // Hunter Original Tall Boots

We all make New Years resolutions to get fit, ditch the bad habits and shed the pounds we gained after multiple turkeys, chocolates and wines we indulged in after Christmas and swear to keep these resolutions to ensure we have a healthier lifestyle and the most wanted 'bikini ready' body for summer. Most of us will not keep to these resolutions, myself included. What I have noticed is that it's actually summertime when it's easiest to start these resolutions and get them settled in your routine before Autumn - I guess in the summer people are naturally more active and our diets change. But more about diets in next weeks post!

I wanted to write about the changes I have made in my life to be healthier because I have seen so many people on Twitter recently who talk about a healthier lifestyle and diets, and although I'm not following any particular way of changing my life, I have already started feeling the benefits from the small changes I have made. This week I want to talk to you about one of the easiest ways of keeping healthy and that is walking. Most of us have the luxury of cars and public transport to get around, and our busy lives mean that by the time we get home after a what was supposed to be 9-5 job turned into 8-8 job, all I can imagine people want to do is have dinner, get comfy and stick Netflix on. And sometimes, that is just the best cure for a hard day. But when that was my life, I felt down a lot and also really tired ALL THE TIME. So I decided it's time to change.

Of course, for people who have dogs, walking is a part of your daily routine. But taking your pooch for a 15 minute walk around the block isn't the same as really taking the time to go somewhere nice and enjoy a couple of hours worth of fresh air, exploring and catching up with your friends or even your own thoughts. My best friend recently got a dog of her own so now we arrange a weekly walk in the countryside when the dogs can play and explore together, we all get exercise and we get to catch up on what's been going on through the week. I know not everyone has the countryside on their doorstep, living in Hampshire I am very lucky to have some beautiful places only minutes away from me, but even in busy, big built up cities you can find beautiful parks to escape to. Or make it a weekend activity!

Walking has the benefits of slowly introducing your body to exercise, fresh air will give you dewy skin and the beautiful sights you see on the way are always Instagram worthy!

So, grab your wellies + friend + dog + boyfriend and go, go, go!


3 August 2014

Sunday Car Boot Sale at Wyke Down

It's been a whole week since I've posted and some of you who follow me on Twitter will know it's because I'm desperately trying to pack all my things before me and Liam move into our new home in just two weeks time! Needless to say I'm very excited and spend most of my time tending to house related activities; one of which has been trying to declutter and get rid of some things I no longer need. As these things are mainly clothes, shoes and accessories some of which I have never even worn, I've been selling them on sites like Depop and something I recently tried out is a car boot sale. I have been to a car boot sale once before and I remember picking up a few things like a china teacup and saucer set for 20p which has lasted me for 5 years, so I decided to see if I can 'recycle' my pre-loved items.

I went to my local Hampshire car boot sale which is held on a field near The Wyke Down pub and this Sunday is the second Sunday in a row where I'm happily stood selling my items - it's turned into a really fun activity! I also love taking a break and wondering around the sale, I have even bought a pub style chalkboard for our new kitchen for a mere £5!
On average, I make £30-£40 in 4 hours from selling items which I no longer need for prices starting from 20p and going up to £5. It's a car boot sale and I think one thing to remember is that people shop for real bargains and if you're looking to sell you things for £10+, it's really not the right place. The cheaper I mark my items at, the more items go - which is really the goal when you're trying to get rid of things!

Talking of accessories, I'm currently obsessed with my Double Cross Sun and Moon choker and I've been wearing it all the time for the past week! Double Cross are a really cute jewellery company who make grunge and vintage inspired chokers, rings and bracelets. I love the boho feel of this choker and it looks great worn with summer dresses! Chokers with a black cord also always remind me of one of my favourite films, The Craft!

I'm back at Wyke Down again next Sunday to try and sell some more of my oldies, but goodies! Any tips from you guys on how to make a successful sale at a car boot?

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