13 February 2015

Valentines Day Makeup: Red Lips and Modern Beehive

To me red lips always symbolise fashion and romance, so it's inevitable that I choose red for Valentines Day. One of my favourite red lip colours at the moment is the Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang - an oldie, but a goodie! I always seal my lipsticks with a bit of Lipcote - I find that it helps the colour stay on for longer and doesn't smudge as much on your glass if you're drinking.
Because red lips are so outstanding, I usually go for simple makeup on the eyes. I went for a vintage eye flick because I love vintage looks with red lips - there's a Hollywood glamour about it. I used the Rimmel Glam Eyes liquid eyeliner to draw the lines, and coated my eyelashes with the L'Oreal Mega Manga mascara - which is amazing by the way. I love that mascara, it really makes your eyelashes longer and thicker - and I have the waterproof version so it never smudges!
Keep your blush to a minimum as the lips do all the talking in this makeup look.

I tried something a little different with my hair - I started with a beehive, but then I ended up twisting my hair out of a bun and into a wavy ponytail which I really liked the look off! I backcombed my hair and gathered in to make the beehive - check out Pinterest for really quick and easy tutorials - pulled out a strand of my fringe and curled it, then I put my hair into a ponytail and curled that. Secure with some hairspray and voila! You have a comfortable yet glamorous look.

I love this look for dates because I think it's really feminine and glamorous. Wear a dolly dress and a pair of mini heels and you're ready to go!

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