9 March 2015

Primark Sportswear Review

FashionFake, UK fashion blog, Primark sportswear, Primark sportswear reviewFashionFake, UK fashion blog, Primark sportswear, Primark sportswear review
FashionFake, UK fashion blog, Primark sportswear, Primark sportswear review
FashionFake, UK fashion blog, Primark sportswear, Primark sportswear review
FashionFake, UK fashion blog, Primark sportswear, Primark sportswear review
what i'm wearing: bra, crop top, vest and bottoms all Primark

Primark brought out a sportswear range new to 2015 - I know, I'm late on the trend wagon but the reality is I bought the pieces last month however I haven't had the time to blog about them so they have just been sat in my wardrobe waiting to be worn. I went for the brighter colours for the pieces from Primarks Sportwear collection as I felt like the neon pink may motivate me and brighten up my day - basically something that I can look forward to wearing and exercise more! Naturally I had to chuck in some black into the equation to keep my figure looking slim so I went for this stretch vest with easy absorb material.

The pieces stand out in the best way possible - I like the shapes and I love the colours and patterns of the Primark Sportswear collection, so I was really happy when I tried on my chosen items and they fitted perfectly (even though they did look like they could be a little small). I needed sportswear which can be versatile, something I will feel comfortable wearing for yoga as well as running which are he two activities I mainly keep up with and in this post I am wearing my new gear whilst indulging in some afternoon yoga in my conservatory! The items sit really nicely and don't slip, so I felt really comfortable through the whole session - there's nothing worse than having to keep readjusting your trousers when you're trying to hold a pose, or watching the dreaded camel toe which lets face it occurs way too many times in gyms!

I was also really intrigued by the Primark Sportswear bra which I loved the style of, especially the back. It matched the colours of my chosen items so I decided to give it a go and if I remember rightly it was only like £5 which for a sports bra is amazing.
The bra passes every test with flying colours: it was comfortable, it held everything in place, things didn't bounce or jiggle around and it even stood the upside down test. Not that I have an enormous amount to hold, but it's good to know Primark can offer womanly support in the sports department.

I'm really impressed with the Primark Sportswear collection - it's trendy, bright, comfortable and affordable so there's really no excuse anymore for not getting on with exercising! And I have to say, brightening up my sports attire has actually worked in getting my energy and motivation levels higher!


  1. I recently got some Primark gym pieces and love them!! such amazing prices xx

  2. Great to see your workout tights. Really loved them. For my exercise have recently purchased stylish workout clothes from a reputed store. There they were available on decent price. Happy to wear them while exercising.

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