20 July 2015

Bratz Are Back And More Fashionable Than Ever

New Bratz Dolls, Bratz are back

Last week I got a sneak preview of the revamped Bratz dolls and got pretty excited about the fashionable toys - it was like being a kid again! Bratz were originally released in 2001 and have signature big eyes with glittery eyeshadow, on trend clothing and big glossy lips. The four original dolls Cloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha are joined by a brand new character for 2015 - Raya. 
Bratz have always been encouraging of girls expressing themselves whether it's through fashion, makeup or lifestyle choices and this idea really comes through in the new dolls which come with a whole range of accessories and 'hobbies'. 

I wanted to write about this collection because not only do I think they make an excellent gift for a young girl, but also I know that there are Bratz collectors who will be excited about the new ranges - plus, who doesn't want to look at a childhood doll and feel like a little kid again?! 

New Bratz Dolls, Bratz are back
New Bratz Dolls, Bratz are back
New Bratz Dolls, Bratz are back

Some of the new collections include:

  • Bratz 'Hello My Name Is...' which reintroduces the dolls individually and comes with a set of accessories which highlight their hobbies
  • Bratz #SelfieSnaps collection individual dolls come with tech inspired accessories and two phone cases, and is all about engaging fans in the current world of technology - I think you can also get a Bratz selfie stick so fans can take pictures with their favourite dolls 
  • Bratz Fierce Fitness is all about healthy hobbies - Jade is running races, Yasmin loves yoga and Cloe trails with a fashionable backpack
  • Bratz Study Abroad is my favourite collection because I think it's great to encourage kids at a young age to travel and see the world - each doll visits a country and comes with traditional accessories relevant to that country
  • Bratz #SnowKissed is my other favourite collection because their outfits are just the cutest! Each doll comes with snow gear, snowboard, sleds or skis and is the perfect companion for a kid during the winter holiday

New Bratz Dolls, Bratz are back
New Bratz Dolls, Bratz are back

My favourite Bratz doll was Cloe but I think she may be taken over by Raya who looks super cute and I absolutely cannot wait to see what the doll actually looks like in real life. 
The press event itself was a lot of fun with mocktails designed to reflect each characters personality, lipstick workshops from MDMflow where you could make your own lipstick, and braid makeovers by The Braid Bar. It was fantastic and I got a cute teased out braid crown to wear for the day! 

New Bratz Dolls, Bratz are back
New Bratz Dolls, Bratz are back

Bratz is available now at Argos and from all good retailers and grocers from August 31. For more information on Bratz, visit www.bratz.com.  

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