8 July 2015

JewelleryMaker DIY Bracelet Kit review

JewelleryMaker DIY bracelet kit review
A little while ago I was contacted by JewelleryMaker, a family owned business which stemmed from 'The Genuine Gemstone Company', who have a true passion for the art of jewellery making. I was offered to review one of their newly launched DIY jewellery kits and I got quite excited about it because I used to make jewellery for fun years ago, and I wondered if I would enjoy it again.  
I chose the Rose Gold Plated Copper Leaf and Heart Charms bracelet because I love rose gold jewellery and liked the 'elfish/summery' feel of the leaves and hearts. 

JewelleryMaker DIY bracelet kit review

The kit comes with all parts and instructions - what I didn't realise is that you might need some jewellery tools to unlock the links, but you can easily replace them with some sturdy tweezers. Just be careful not to scratch the surface!  The instructions are simple and easy to understand, and there are extra pieces in the bags in case you wanted to add more charms, or lost any links.

JewelleryMaker DIY bracelet kit review
JewelleryMaker DIY bracelet kit review

The first thing to do is to make your bracelet by connecting all the links - ensure it fits your wrist, or the wrist of whoever you are going to give it to. Some of the link circles can be tricky to open - it did get me a little bit frustrated when they got really tight, but I'm really impatient.
It's a really nice project to just sit with a cup of tea and your favourite TV show and just indulge in the art of making. Once you get the hang of it, the process of putting the bracelet together is actually very therapeutic.

JewelleryMaker DIY bracelet kit review
JewelleryMaker DIY bracelet kit review

It took me about half an hour to put together this bracelet, which looks beautiful once finished. I really liked how I could choose where the charms went and how much to put on - you can get your creative hat on and make a small masterpiece.
I actually made this bracelet and gave it to my mum for her birthday because she loves jewellery and it was extra special because I made it, which makes the kit not only a perfect gift for anyone who likes to get creative, but also for you to make the jewellery and then give the finished product as a gift!

Although it would probably be easier if you had pro jewellery making tools, you don't need to have them as you can just use tweezers or even just your hands - so everyone can get stuck in.

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