18 July 2015

Pet Hates with RSPCA and MORE TH>N

It's no secret that I love animals, especially dogs. I remember when I was little I had a whole selection of encyclopaedia books on dog breeds - it was my favourite read and even now I can pretty much tell you what breed a dog is and what their characteristics are.

Most of you will know I have a bassador called Harvey - he is loud, stubborn, cuddly and sweet. Harvey brings incredible joy to my life, however he also brings an extra set of bills especially when a trip to the vets is needed. It is my personal pet hate when people get a pet, and don't think about the extra costs pets bring with them, as well as the importance of getting your pet insured - if something dreadful happens and you don't have any savings, your pet will need a hefty sum of cash to fix them and that's a scary thought. MORE TH>N insurance have teamed up with RSPCA on their pet insurance policy which offer some great deals suited for your pet, but also each time a new policy is opened MORE TH>N will donate £20 to the RSPCA to help them continue to do all the amazing work and help animals all over the country.

In order to celebrate this collaboration and spread the word, Harvey has ‘taken over’ this blog post to tell you all about his pet hates! Over to you, Harvs.

  • Cats – I HATE cats. The way they just sit there on my fence and lick themselves with that smug look on their face. Grrrrrrr….. LET ME GET THEM! 
  • This machine they called a hoover – it gets taken out of its den, and then my mum and dad think it’s hilarious to chase me around the house with its long nose which makes incredibly loud noises and sucks my tail in! But it’s OK because I bit it several times and it got scared and hasn’t tormented me since.
  • Going to the groomers, or the vets. I don’t know these people yet they cut my nails and inject me with sharp needles every year – the whole experience is simply terrifying.
  • Little humans. Smelly little humans grab my ears and pull at my paws and take attention away from me, which just cannot happen. I don’t like them being in my house, or in my garden or anywhere near my toys. Why are they so small for anyway?! Creepy. 
  • Loud noises which scare me to death. I can't remember the last time my mummy enjoyed Bonfire Night, or New Years Eve, or got to fall asleep during a storm - I just can't help myself but get so scared that I feel like crying, which I do! But eventually I snuggle up on my bed and go to sleep whilst listening to Taylor Swift who's my favourite. 
Do you have a pet? What do you think their pet hates would be? Post them in the comment box below!

PS - Harvey genuinely has a phobia of loud noises which includes thunder and fireworks, and we found that putting on Taylor Swift actually helps him calm down a lot of the time!

This post was in collaboration with MORE TH>N and RSPCA - this post isn't sponsored, however I was compensated for my time with a gift voucher. 

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