27 September 2015

MeMeMe Lip Sheen Review

MeMeMe Lip Sheen review, FashionFake, beauty bloggers
MeMeMe Lip Sheen review, FashionFake, beauty bloggers
MeMeMe Lip Sheen review, FashionFake, beauty bloggers
MeMeMe Lip Sheen review, FashionFake, beauty bloggers

I love changing colours in the Autumn, especially when it comes to lipstick and nail varnish. I think there are certain colours that are meant for certain seasons - coral is for summer, purple is for autumn, pale or red is for winter and baby pinks remind me of spring. 

On the 1st of October, MeMeMe will be launching their new range of lip sheens which are the perfect combo of lipstick (for their colour impacts) and glosses (for their shine). The lightweight and non sticky formulation is designed to moisturise and nurture your lips - ingredients include shea butter and aloe vera, which also has protective and healing qualities. 

The MeMeMe lip sheens are available in a range of colours going from nude to dark, and you can either slick on a layer for a little bit of daytime colour, or layer for a dramatic effect. 
I went with Bright Magenta as I felt like this could be a really fun colour to wear (and a similar colour was seen on Vivienne Westwoods catwalk!), especially as Autumn can be very tame for me in terms of the colours I wear. 
The lip sheen is super easy to apply, I tend to put on a couple of layers to make the colour pop, and it makes my lips feel moisturised and nourished. The colour lasts for a couple of hours (depending on if you're eating, etc), but I would probably suggest you carry stronger colours in your bag so you can top up the colour through the day/night. 

I'll definitely pick up a couple more of these MeMeMe lip sheens as I'd like to see what the nudes and the darker colours are like - will you be heading to the stores on the 1st of October to grab a sheen?


  1. Wow I love this lip color. Looks stunning on you!!

    xoxo Emily

  2. ohh! that lipstick looks way too good! definitely a must :)
    i just love those pink shades somehow. i always been a fan of darker tones, tho more often i find myself putting the pink one.
    guess it's because of them dark circles around my eyes, when i wear a dark lipstick they stand out :D
    Vaida @ www.donttellanyone.net/blog


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