12 October 2015

I Love... Peachy Passionfruit Skincare Range Review

I Love Peachy Passionfruit skincare review, FashionFake, beauty bloggers
I Love Peachy Passionfruit skincare review, FashionFake, beauty bloggers
I Love Peachy Passionfruit skincare review, FashionFake, beauty bloggers

I feel like most people love to embrace the seasons: we're now in Autumn so it's all about spiced scents, hot drinks and layers of clothing. But there is a time and a place where I love to drift back into summer - my bath time.
I love feeling hot (my bath is literally scolding, I know it's like the worst thing for skin in cold weather but it's the only thing that keeps me sane) and I love tropical scents like coconut, strawberries and my new favourite Peachy Passionfruit from I Love... Cosmetics.

I Love... are a brand which you probably will have seen in Superdrug and also Primark (selected items). They have eye catching packaging which is really cute, and scents you cannot just walk past without sniffing. Peachy Passionfruit is one of my favourites because it smells incredibly tasty, and comes in a shower creme, body butter and body spritz which means you can optimise all those products and smell great for the rest of the day! I love using the I Love... Peachy Passionfruit shower and bath creme as a bubble bath - just pour some of the product into a running bath and it will be filled with glorious bubbles and delicious scents.
The smell of this range is very sweet and creamy - there's almost a hint of vanilla as well as indulgent soft scents of passionfruit and good old peach. My absolute favourite is the body spritz as it makes you feel refreshed and smells like heaven! It's a great alternative to perfume when you don't want anything heavy, but still want to smell nice.

I Love... products creator James Brown wanted to recreated scents from his childhood, that's why the ranges are so tasty and sweet. The products for contain parabens and are not tested on animals which gains them extra brownie points! All of the products are also made in the UK which is great as it's always nice to support a 'local' business.
In my opinion this is the perfect brand for Christmas presents for young girls who love all things sweet and want to start getting into skincare and beauty.


  1. The scent sounds like a great combo x

  2. I love beauty products that make me want to eat them up with their delicious smells :D These sound divine!!! Also, I looove soaking in hot water and the bath is always foggy from too much hot water, boyfriend keeps wondering how I survive in such heat :D


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