11 October 2015

Natural World Coconut Water Hair Care Review

A little while ago in a goody bag from one of the events I attended I received a travel sized tube of coconut water hair oil from Natural World. I wasn't familiar with the company, but after the first time I used this hair oil I was in love.

Because I have ombre-d my hair several times, I tend to get split ends and my hair is generally drier on the ends, which is why I like to use an oil or serum on my split ends before I blow dry my hair. I have tried many brands and products before which were OK...a couple made it on my recommendations list. The Natural World Coconut Water hair oil quickly became my favourite to use to smooths out my split ends and when I met the brand at Scarlett Londons Blogger Festival, I got to love them a little more. After raving on about how much difference their oil has made to my hair, they offered for me to try the full Natural World Coconut Water hair range.

The Coconut Water hair care range is infused with certified organic coconut extract which immediately gets brownie points - as we know, organic beauty is taking the industry by storm as it eliminates any nasties in the ingredients! The products are perfect for every day use as they help restore softness, hydration and shine to dull and dehydrated hair.

Here's my Natural World hair care routine which I do every two days: the Natural World Coconut Water shampoo is super lightweight and lathers on really well - I have long-ish hair and I only need a chestnut sized dollop of shampoo to lather on my whole head. I tend to do two rounds of washes as I feel like sometimes (especially after several rounds of midweek dry shampoo sessions) one round just isn't enough. Once I've thoroughly rinsed the shampoo out, I get the Coconut Water conditioner and I do go a bit crazy with conditioner so I just squeeze a dollop out to cover all my ends and whatever is left of my hands I massage into the scalp. I leave it on for a couple of minutes (perfect time to start practicing my dream X Factor audition) and then rinse out with warm water. On warmer days, I also blast my hair with cold water - it makes it shiny and soft! But no chance of that when the temperatures are dropping. Natural World Coconut Water shampoo and conditioner have a very light scent which is really refreshing - there's a hint of coconut, but it's not overpowering in any way.
Onto towel dried hair I apply the Natural World Coconut Water hair oil which has a lightweight formula and is non sticky which is great! Doesn't feel like you're slathering syrup onto your hair. I concentrate on the ends, and anything that's left on my hairs I massage through the middle sections of my hair, never into the scalp though. Unlike the shampoo and conditioner, the oil has a really lovely coconut smell which stays on your hair for a little while - I love it because it's so tropical. I then dry and style my hair to how I want it.

The Natural World Coconut Water hair range helps keep my hair moisturised, soft and healthy - since I've been using these products for a couple of weeks now, I haven't had a single day where I felt like my hair needed some TLC from an intensive moisturising mask or conditioner. I really enjoy using Natural World products because they haven't let me down when it comes to results and smell so delicious!


  1. I really like coconut oil. I'm using Nihar coconut oil and it's very good for hair care. Just wanted to know can I mix natural world coconut water with coconut oil to use in the hair?

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