12 November 2015

LighterLife Fast 5:2 Diet review diary - Week One

A 5:2 diet is the latest fad in dieting - you eat healthily for 5 days a week, and fast for 2 taking in only 600 calories. This seems like a diet you can actually stick to because I have no will when it comes to food - I NEED PIZZA in my life! To make it even easier, you can break up your fasting days so you can eat around 1500 - 2000 calories for 5 days and then have your fasting days on like a Tuesday and Thursday.
My friends at LighterLife Fast challenged me to a 6 week diet plan to get Little Party Dress ready in time for Christmas. They sent me everything I need from my 6 week diet plan, exercise plan and tips and tricks for a healthier, balanced mind. They also sent me a pack containing all the food which I will need during my fasting days.

I have wanted to trim down a little for ages now but I haven't been able to stick to any diet for longer than a week - mainly because Dominos Two for Tuesdays kill me every time. I love food, I love everything about food and that's why I struggle to eat plain foods to keep my weight at bay. I know what my healthy size is, and in the past year I have put on a little more weight than I would like - mainly all around my stomach and thighs. I know I don't need to take extreme measures, but like anyone around the party season I want to feel confident in my little party dresses which is why I want to trim down that waist of mine.

So let's get the stats in: right now, I weigh 10.6 stone. I would just like to get rid of all the padding I have gained by eating pizza every week and one too many burgers over the summer so I don't really have a 'plan' of how much weight I want to shed. I'm just interested to see if I lose any weight with this diet.

So here's where I got to so far:

Breakfast: Pain Au Raisin
Lunch: Homemade root vegetable soup
Dinner: Grilled lamb steak with steamed vegetables
Snacks: herbal tea (no sugar), chocolate, satsuma
Water: 3 glasses

Breakfast: 2 sliced of seeded toast with butter and Marmite, banana
Lunch: Avocado herb wrap from Pret
Dinner: Fried chicken, chips, BBQ ribs and garlic bread (no one talk to me about this, comfort food was needed!!)
Snacks: satsuma, herbal tea (no sugar), chocolate
Water: 4 glasses

Wednesday (Fast Day)
Breakfast: LighterLife Fast chocolate flavoured shake
Lunch: LighterLife Fast spaghetti bolognese and LighterLife Fast toffee bar
Dinner: LighterLife Fast pasta carbonara
Water: 5 glasses

I was really surprised that I wasn't actually hungry on my fast day. I think I got a little hungry around 3pm, but I was quite happy and not tempted to snack at all. You have to drink a lot of water on your fast days which I don't feel like I did - I should have drank my recommended 2ltrs but it's harder in the winter as all I want is hot peppermint tea. The meals themselves don't look too appealing but they taste fine and somehow fill you up. 
I think I can do this - but, it's not even been a week so who knows. But I promise to not cheat, tell you guys everything on my update days which will be Thursdays and I will share with you my results at the end of the 6 weeks to see if this LighterLife Fast 5:2 diet actually works. 

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