26 November 2015

LighterLife Fast 5:2 Diet review diary - Week 3

Welcome to my 3rd week of being a LighterLife Fast Guiney pig! I have to be straight with you guys – this week I struggled. The third week has been the hardest in terms of keeping myself in control, I don’t really know why – maybe because the temperatures dropped and all I wanted to do was comfort eat. I also really struggled to keep up with my food diary because everything was so mental from Friday and now I’m trying to figure out what I consumed over the weekend, which is near impossible.
Fridays are always a bit weird because I usually have a couple of drinks, but I have to get ready so quickly that there isn’t enough time for dinner – I now remember that Fridays dinner was steak and chips with hot sauce. After my meal I headed out and enjoyed 3 glasses of prosecco with my friend Claire at a nice and cosy country pub – it was the perfect way to end a busy stressful week!

I woke up on Saturday and started getting ready to do a morning of outfit shooting with Heidi – so I quickly snacked on a banana and a LighterLife fast cranberry and raspberry bar. Even though it wasn’t a fast day, I sometimes enjoy the snacks from LighterLife as they don’t contain many calories, fill you up and give you enough proteins and energy to last for some time. The shoot went great and we got some cool snaps on new outfits!

I came back home around 2 and started prepping dinner as my mum and brother were coming over – I bought two pheasants and had an exciting recipe I wanted to try! I cooked the pheasants in a cider cream sauce with apples and bacon lardons, served with Parmesan mash. The pheasant roast was delicious – I’ll be posting the recipe on my blog soon, so keep your eye out! I also enjoyed a few glasses of cider during dinner – trying to keep off the wine as I know that’s a mega calorie bomb but not sure how cider measures up… We finished dinner with some homemade apple pie and vanilla ice cream – the perfect comfort food, and it really doesn’t feel like I’m on a ‘diet’ at all!

On Monday I carried on with my fast and it was all going well (I even avoided the Monday morning pastries at the office), until I got home and all I wanted was some calorific goodness so we had a poutine for dinner. A poutine is a Canadian dish which is basically chips in gravy with melted cheese on top – and it’s friggin delicious. So I sacrificed Mondays diet to indulge in my poutine, which we both felt much better after.
Naturally, that meant that Tuesday was another attempt at my fast: and I just couldn’t hack it. The weather is cold and miserable, my LighterLife Fast tomato soup which I was supposed to have for lunch just resembled sludge and I couldn’t eat it so I went half hungry. And when I got home, to a plate full of doughnuts leftover from Monday night – I gave in and ate one. I felt so cold and down and just wanted hot, stodgy, comfort food that I couldn’t resist the sickly sweet treat… I then started thinking what is this even worth because I am making myself miserable on fasting days when all I want is a pizza! So I got on the scales to see if any progress has been made at all – that’s when I found out I lost 4kg in just over 2 weeks!!! AMAZING!! Liam has also pointed out that he’s noticed a difference in my body which just added on to the motivation!

I can’t believe how much difference having 2 days of fasting has made – and although I get stroppy when I’m hungry, and hate the tomato soup, the majority of the meals like shepherds pie, curry, spaghetti Bolognese and the porridge is actually really nice! Shepherds pie is my favourite though.

One thing I haven't really mentioned in my weekly diary is exercise and how crap I am at it... I find it really hard to stick at the gym because I get so bored. But I get my weekly exercise (admittedly, not enough of it but still) through long countryside walks which I absolutely love. I am so lucky to live with the beautiful Hampshire countryside right on my doorstep. It's a good way to start working on your fitness and just get used to being out and about if you're not a very active person. Walking is great for both the body, and the mind!

Week 3 has been full of ups and downs but to find out that I have actually lost 4kg has made it all worthwhile. I’m just about halfway through my challenge and I can’t wait to see the end result! If you want to try out LighterLife Fast 5:2 diet for yourself, it is widely available at Superdrug.
In the meantime, any tips you have on keeping my mind off binge eating on fasting days would be hugely appreciated! Comment in the box below :)

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