15 November 2015

Smiles All Around! My Top 4 Products For Whiter And Shinier Teeth

Tis the season of parties, glamour, food and drinks aplenty, and shiny smiles! Every year we get bombarded with ads of products that all promise to give us the perfect white grin – but with so many options to choose from, which is best for you? And more importantly – do these at home whitening products actually work? I went on a hunt and put the top brands to the test.

Enlighten Duo Care review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake, how to get white teeth

For double polish and shine: Enlighten Duo Care £20*

Enlighten has over 13 years experience within the dental industry and is dedicated to developing products to use at home which help remove stains and whiten teeth, as well as protecting and repairing enamel.
I was really interested in Enlighten Duo Care as the double effect tooth paste multitasks to get your teeth white and polished in a matter of days. The first toothpaste to use in the morning is the Evo White Toothpaste which polishes your teeth and gets rid of any stains making them whiter and smoother. It also helps repair enamel which is really fab in a whitening toothpaste.
In the evening, I used the Tooth Serum Paste which actually helps keep your teeth whiter after they have been treated – it is made up of 97% HydroxyApatite which is the main mineral that makes up your tooth enamel. Sounds like the perfect duo, right?
I have been using Enlighten Duo Care for roughly three weeks now and I was really impressed by the first couple of days when my teeth really did get polished by the Evo White Toothpaste: they felt smoother, cleaners and shinier. I then followed with the Tooth Serum Paste which helps the effects of whitening treatment last longer. This polishing duo made my teeth feel super clean and sparkly! I felt like my teeth were polished and shiny, I wanted to smile a lot more and it definitely made a huge difference to my confidence. 
The verdict for Enlighten Duo: 9/10 for cleaning; 9/10 for shine; and 8/10 for whiteness                              

Sensodyne True White review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake, how to get white teeth
Sensodyne is a leader in their field when it comes to teeth sensitivity. Sensitive teeth are very painful and just damn right annoying when you can’t tuck into a hot cup of chocolate, or find a secret ice cream bomb in a Baked Alaska - without cringing in pain. We’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives and sensitive teeth can be a right nuisance especially with all the gorgeous food around festive dates like Christmas and New Year. Sensodyne have a tooth paste which helps decrease teeth sensitivity and send you on your way to a brighter smile. Along with the toothpaste, there is also a new mouthwash to ensure your oral hygiene is on top form. The Sensodyne True White toothpaste is really gentle on teeth – you can still feel the polishing effect, but it’s not as icy and cold as most other toothpastes. Follow your regular routine – brush for 3 minutes, and then swirl around the mouthwash before rinsing your mouth for a super clean feeling.
The verdict for Sensodyne Whitening: 8/10 for cleaning; 8/10 for shine; and 6/10 for whiteness

Rapid White Max Effect 5 minute Dissolving Strips review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake, how to get white teeth

The whitening strips: Rapid White Max Effect 5 Minute Dissolving Strips* £17.24

Whitening strips are a little more hardcore than tooth polish – treatment packet usually lasting for about a week, these dissolving miracles promise to give you a sparkling white smile in just 7 days. The strips come in a packet of bottom and top strips which you apply after cleaning your teeth. The strips then take about 5 minutes to dissolve in your mouth – now this I won’t even lie to you about, because it’s not nice. I always struggle because I end up being a dribbling mess trying not to swallow any of the product because let’s face it – it can’t be good for you; it doesn’t taste nice and it feels weird and ‘fluffy’ on my teeth. So yeah, that’s a sacrifice in the name of beauty! But after all that, do the strips really work?
My teeth certainly appeared a shade whiter. They were shiny, sparkly and brighter than usual. I do have to say my teeth felt slightly sensitive after the first couple of days but this feeling faded pretty quickly. I was really impressed with Rapid White Max Effect Strips and it's a great quick fix if you know you have an event to go to in a weeks time! 

The verdict for Rapid White Max Effect 5 Minute Dissolving Strips: N/A for cleaning; 9/10 for shine; and 8/10 for whiteness

Dentyl Active review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake, how to get white teeth

The rinsers: Dentyl Active Mouth Wash* £1.25 each

I have ALL the time in the world for mouth washes - it's a recent obsession of mine, ever since I started trialling Dentyl Active. Not to gross you guys out but this mouthwash colours any remaining plaque in your mouth and when you rinse and spit you see it all flush out - endless amounts of fun!! Other than that, mouthwash is just a brilliant item to have to complete your hygiene routine after brushing - it helps your breath stay fresh, cleans the whole of your mouth and helps keep your teeth cleaner for longer. Mouthwash doesn't whiten your teeth but it sure keeps your mouth fresh and your teeth smooth and plaque free. The Dentyl Active mouthwash gets an honorary mention in my must haves to keep your oral hygiene on top form! And honestly, try it and tell me you don't have fun watching all the pink or blue coloured plaque go down the sink after you've rinsed.

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  1. Love this! I recently tried coconut oil too which was very effective!


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