17 December 2015

LighterLife Fast 5:2 Diet Review Diary Post - Week Five

LighterLife Fast 5:2 Diet review, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake
LighterLife Fast 5:2 Diet review, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake

I am back to report to you guys how week 5 of my LighterLife Fast Challenge is going! It’s been a super busy couple of weeks which is why I didn’t post last week but I’m back and on track. One thing that did drop off from my daily routine is the food diary. Although it was a great idea and really made me stop and think about what I eat and how often I snack, with a busy schedule it is really not something I could keep up with. And to be honest, I have noticed that since I stopped writing down what I was eating, I have snacked more – because you’re not as aware of how much or how often you are consuming food.

I also have to admit that doing this diet around Christmas time is just ridiculous – although I still have two fast days a week, what I eat at all the Christmas parties and dinners is stodgy, rich food that almost counteracts all the good work I am doing. I have already planned to carry on with this diet in January (the famous detox month!!) but actually eating super healthy throughout the week as well as having my fasting days.

I love the shakes from the LighterLife Fast 5:2 range – they are super handy for breakfast as you can just shake and travel! They are also really filling so will easily take you up to lunchtime when you can have a 5:2 meal.

What I have learnt from LighterLife Fast is that a 5:2 diet is almost a lifestyle change, rather than a crash diet that you do for a month and then get to binge all over again. It’s all about eating better, more healthy and less in portions – which is what my problem is. I love food and indulge in portions which are definitely too big for me. And I also love pizza and burgers so you know…. That doesn’t help either!!

Exercise is so important too – for weight loss and for general moods. I found that sometimes on my fasting days my moods turn. Because food is such a comforting element to me, if I can’t indulge in my cravings I get really stroppy – but I can control that by going for a run, a dog walk or even just jumping around and being active for 30 minutes. I love yoga, for me it is a calming and relaxing form of exercise which strengthens your body without being too harsh. Yoga is something I am taking up again in the New Year with regular meditation and yoga sessions.

I purposely haven’t weighed myself this week as next week is my final LighterLife Fast #GetLPDReady Challenge week and I am looking forward to seeing results!

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