12 December 2015

Winter 2015 LookBook: Winter Warmers

Winter 2015 lookbook, fashion bloggers, FashionFake
Winter 2015 lookbook, fashion bloggers, FashionFake
Winter 2015 lookbook, fashion bloggers, FashionFake
Winter 2015 lookbook, fashion bloggers, FashionFake
what i'm wearing: coat ASOS // dress Dorothy Perkins // hat F & F at Tesco (similar here// bag* George at ASDA // shoes New Look (similar here// watch* Jord 

This weekend we visited the Winchester Christmas Market and I needed to wrap up warm for an evening outside, but I still wanted to look stylish and girly. I am such a wimp when it comes to cold weather - genuinely can't cope with anything if I'm cold, so to cave myself and the person with me a world of pain I need to have warm clothes.

I bought this jacket during the ASOS Winter Warmers Sale - for months now I've been looking at borg coats but couldn't find any that I liked which were also in my price range. This item comes in at just over £50 (when I bought it on promotion, it cost me just under £50) but the RRP is actually £115! It's a bargain that you can't really say no to! The jacket is so snug and warm, I absolutely love it and am so happy with my purchase.

I styled it with a wool and faux fur winter cossack style hat that Liam picked up for me in Tesco (by the way, how good are F&F getting?!) and a Victoriana style dress from Dorothy Perkins (which is also currently on promotion!!). I saw this dress on my favourite Instagrammers page (Lydia Elise Millen) - I just had to have it! I love the high neck style and appliqué chest - plus it's not too short which is what I've been finding with so many dresses recently.

My top 3 tips for staying warm on a Winters Evening are:

1. Wear a warm hat and warm boots. If your head and feet are toasty, you can be sure the rest of your body will be too! There's something simply awful about having cold feet, and cold really gets to your head so for me it's important to cover those two areas.
2. Sip hot drinks. With so many to choose from, especially around Christmas, you can have your pick of traditional tea or coffee OR hot chocolate, mulled wine, mulled cider and hot mead! Just make sure your taking in warm fluids to keep your body temperature up and your hands warm.
3. Layer up. You can always take layers off, but I would say take inspiration from a cabbage and layer up those clothes! Yes sometimes you don't want to look bulky but you know what's more important than looking good? Feeling good! You can also layer up your accessories - I love thick tights with wool socks and boots - toasty, stylish and comfortable.


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