10 January 2016

Antipodes Mineral Foundation Review

Antipodes Mineral Foundation review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake
Antipodes Mineral Foundation review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake
Antipodes Mineral Foundation review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake
Antipodes Mineral Foundation review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake
Antipodes Mineral Foundation* in Pink Pale 01 £27.99 // Antipodes Kabuki Brush* £16

Mineral foundations are a great alternative to your everyday liquid foundation – they are light, provide a natural looking coverage, let skin ‘breathe’ more and are perfect if you have skin conditions like rosacea or acne as they are a lot kinder on the skin.

I have been a fan of mineral foundations since I was about 18 when I first tried the bareMinerals Original Foundation and I really like the results it gave me. I since have tried a couple of other mineral foundations and makeup and I have found that like with any foundation there are trustworthy brands, and products that just simply won’t make the cut. There are a few benefits of using a mineral foundation:

- it’s easy and quick to apply (you can multitask whilst buffing your makeup into your skin!)
- it blends into skin easily
- the results look very natural
- it doesn't make your skin dry
- it's easy to reapply throughout the day
- mineral foundation is great for sensitive skin which suffers from conditions
- it's super easy to take off

Are you converted yet? Honestly, I love it. However I have stumbled upon several mineral foundations that have either made my skin look greasy, were way too pale and rubbed off shortly after applying. So there's good and bad in everything I guess! 
But about a month ago I discovered the Antipodes Mineral Foundation. Antipodes has been a favourite brand of mine since probably this time last year when I tried their Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream and Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream, and these two were just incredible. Since then, I have started trialling their products and not one single time have I been let down by Antipodes so it has made it into the Top 3 of my favourite brands. 

I was intrigued by the mineral foundation as I haven't tested any Antipodes makeup prior to this so I wondered how the quality would compare to skincare. I received the mineral foundation with the kabuki brush (which looks incredible - I love the bird printed on the bottom of the brush!) and I went for the palest colour because I am pretty pale, and in the summer I can just add a bit of bronzer into the mix. The first time I tried this foundation was when I was running late for work and I just kind of threw it all over my face and started buffing. Oh my dear cheeses - the foundation produced natural coverage across my entire face in such a short time, and I carried on buffing for about another minute just to make sure everything was even but WOW. I had the perfect canvas to start 'painting' on within minutes. 

The Antipodes Mineral Foundation hydrates the skin, has SPF15 and features the revolutionary antioxidant complex - Vinanza Performance Plus®. Vinanza Performance Plus® helps to reduce facial flushing, the earth minerals in the foundation helps balance oil production, reduce blemishes and provide a natural, even coverage.
Antipodes Mineral Foundation have a range of lightweight foundations which are suitable for all skin types, including: normal, oily, blemish-prone and rosacea.




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