31 January 2016

Balance Hyaluronic Moisturiser Review

Balance Hyaluronic Moisturiser Review by beauty blogger FashionFake
Balance Hyaluronic Moisturiser Review by beauty blogger FashionFake
Balance Hyaluronic Moisturiser Review by beauty blogger FashionFake

Hyaluronic skincare products have been on the top of my list ever since my first experience with a hyaluronic moisturiser so I was really keen to try out this hyaluronic moisturiser from Balance Active Formula. This moisturiser has active levels of Algisium C2® which is a multi functional ingredient that 'perfects' the skin. Coupled with Hylasome® EG10 (which is a powerful type of the already ultra moisturising hyaluronic acid) the Balance Active Formula Hyaluronic Moisturiser is a rightful award winning product.

The following benefits of the moisturiser include: even skin tone, radiance, reduced wrinkles and fine lines, firms skin, smoothes uneven skin texture, and of course deeply moisturises. The product is suitable for all skin types and has been dermatologically tested - perfect!

I found that the moisturiser did everything it promised - my skin felt moisturised, and radiant. The product is to be applied every morning and night, so it's great that it really is non greasy and makes a great base to apply makeup to!
My only issue with this product was that unfortunately with all the benefits like moisturised and radiant skin, it also gave me spots... I have tested it for a couple of weeks, and then took a break and tried the product again a couple of weeks ago to make sure it was definitely this that was giving me spots and unfortunately it was. Which absolutely kills me because I really liked the moisturiser - but something in there is just not agreeing with my skin, or perhaps I am allergic to an ingredient in this product. Which is possible as I have noticed some products give me more spots. So I've decided to give it to my mum who hopefully will reap the full benefits of the product!

There is a product which I will be writing about in the next couple of weeks from Balance Active Formula which I just fell in love with! So keep you eye out for a very zingy post ;)

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