2 January 2016

New Years Resolutions

It seems like 2015 has flown past so quick that it's actually hard to reflect on without sitting down and really thinking about what I did this year. And boy, did I do a lot when I come to think of it! I've read quite a few of 2015 round up posts and I think the new year is the perfect time to leave behind everything that didn't benefit you, and pick up new habits that are good for you without holding back. 

Let's start with my blog - I went into 2015 with a promise to myself and that is to really push FashionFake and see if I can make the blog as a whole better with clearer imagery, more interesting content, gain more readers and work on exciting projects. If I didn't feel that's happened, I even thought about stopping blogging altogether because it was becoming very stressful to maintain a "full time blog" as well as a full time, demanding job. It's no secret to most of you who read my blog that it is my dream and ultimate goal to be a full time blogger - I love writing, styling and bringing you useful hints and tips and wish I could do it full time!
2015 on the blog front has been amazing - I gained more readers, more importantly I made friends for life with other bloggers, I attended so many exciting events and I got the opportunity to work with some amazing companies on very exciting projects. It has been a success! 2015 gave me the motivation to realise if I work hard enough I actually may have a shot at making FashionFake my sole career path. I won't lie and tell you this year was easy for my blog - it's had its ups and downs, especially towards the end of the year when everything just went crazy and I had no choice but to "put the pen down" if I wanted to keep my sanity.
What awaits us in 2016? Lots of new posts (you guys answered my poll on Twitter and wanted to see more fashion posts so there will be plenty of those!), a cheeky blog redesign and some big, but equally exciting changes! Eeeeeks!

Now let's get a little more personal: in 2015 I got a new job, had my first mortgage meeting, watched my best friend get married, went on little adventures with my beau, put on a little weight (oooops!) and generally had a good time. I also learnt to put myself first when I have to, especially when it comes to health. It's easy to ignore stress and the effect it has on your body but sometimes you just have to tell yourself that your health is more important that any job, blog or social. I get stressed a lot and I'm the worst culprit at letting myself get overworked to the point when I have a massive anxiety attack and am out of action for a week because it's all gotten too much. So even though I have been better this year, in 2016 I will make sure to remind myself that in any equation, I am the most important thing and my health comes first. Whatever it is, it's never worth losing sleep over.

I have a set of New Years Resolutions which I would like to share with you, mainly because it will help me keep them! And hopefully inspire change in anyone who wants that change:

- Get fit. I want to loose a little weight and get physically fit so that I'm not hating my body in the summer when I have to put on a bathing suit, or hopefully a bikini! That means that this year I will be cutting down on junk food and replacing fatty and indulgent foods with vegetables, fruits, soups and juices (but I will still allow myself planned days when I can have a burger or pizza!!), cutting out alcohol which will also mean that I stop socially smoking which I tend to do only after a few drinks, start running again and getting back into my yoga and meditation routine.

- Travel more. I want to start exploring the world again, but for me that means overcoming my fear of flying. For now, I'm going to ease myself back into travelling after having anxiety and panic attacks by going to countries either by boat or by train, and I'm sure once I get the travel bug it will encourage me to try and tackle an airplane. 

- Be positive. Although in 2015, I feel like I have become a lot more positive, there's still times when I feel I am being negative about certain situations and that's simply not healthy. I want to look on the bright side of situations, not get stressed about the small stuff, laugh when things don't go my way and stop taking things to heart. Meditation helps lots with this, and so does surrounding yourself with positive people and activities. 

I'm going to concentrate on the above three things because they're quite big resolutions to keep and I don't want to load myself up which is what I did  in 2015, and it all just became too much. Here's to a happy, relaxed and successful 2016!! What resolution did you make?


  1. I like your resolutions! They are very realistic and I think you will make it as a full time blogger, your blog is amazing! It was lovely meeting you last year and hopefully I can see you again this year!


    1. Thank you Charlotte - that was such a lovely comment! Made my day! :) It was lovely meeting you too - I hope we can get together again in 2016, we should definitely organise something!! xx


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