30 January 2016

Tips & Tricks On How To Take A Good Photo

A couple of weekends ago I collaborated with a new photographer, Mike Godfrey of Haunt Me. Mike's photography skills range from weddings, to working with bloggers, and taking portraits in his home studio. It has been absolutely ages since the last time I did a photo shoot like this and it's weird how different it actually feels from taking street style blog photos: firstly, confidence is higher mainly because you don't have an audience of people staring at what you are doing (which as you can imagine can be off putting!); secondly a photographer gives you direction which helps you relax and just 'follow orders' so to speak.

I have found Mikes tips and hints on how to position yourself in fashion and portrait photography really useful, and I wanted to share a couple of tips with you guys. I'm not a model, I don't pretend to be, but I am a girl who likes a nice photo - and being very critical of how I look, I always find any helpful tips an interesting read. So I've compiled some of Mikes advice, and my own tricks on how to take a good photo:

- When you're taking a head on photo or a selfie, extend your neck forward and tip your chin down, looking up at the camera. Not only does this hide any unnecessary chins but makes your eyes appear wider!

- Make triangles with your body. If you pick up a high fashion magazine and look at the photo shoots, you will see that the models make triangles with their arms, legs and even bodies as a whole (when they do this whole caving into themselves pose)

- Relax your mouth so that your top teeth are showing slightly - Sasha P is the queen of this pose! It looks sassy, and confident on camera. If you flash a smile whilst doing so, you'll look super cute!

- Close your eyes and open just before the photo is taken - your eyes will appear bright and fresh

- Have fun! The best advice (as cliché as this sounds) anyone could ever give you is to have fun on the photo shoot. Sometimes it will take you time to get confident in front of the camera, sometimes it will just happen - whatever it is, don't take it too seriously and have a giggle along the way!

I look forward to more future collaborations with Haunt Me - so keep an eye out on my blog, and make sure you check out Mikes website for any photography needs!

PS: I thought I'd include this little photo of Liam and I from the shoot - I absolutely love it because we look like a little lumberjack family in our plaid shirts!! 


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