20 February 2016

Exploring Shrewsbury and OOTD

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what i'm wearing: coat ASOS // hat Major Wear // folk print tunic Zara // red dress (just seen) Zara // over the knee boots Primark // bag* George at ASDA

Last weekend we decided to take a break and spend the weekend in the beautiful county of Shropshire. We stayed at Ninks Wagon, review of which you can find here - the place was beautiful! One of the days was spent exploring the historic town of Shrewsbury - the birth place of Charles Darwin, home to Shrewsbury Castle and hosts one too many cute boutique stores. We visited on Saturday, when I knew there was a Made in Shropshire market taking place at The Square. After enjoying breakfast at The Loopy Shrew (review post coming soon!), we wondered around some more common markets which are hosted inside a big building - they really reminded me of the markets in Russia with food, vegetables, clothing and accessories all in one place.
When we finally got to The Square, I was really excited to see all of the locally made and sourced products. The marked stalls displayed food, drink, jewellery, art, skincare and accessories.

Shrewsbury street, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog
Market in Shrewsbury, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog

We did a little shopping, as you do, and picked up a painting of an old house in Shrewsbury that has been digitally enhanced to place hidden magical creatures like witches, giants and dragons; some chilli spread and fennel mustard; bought a bottle of white chocolate infused vodka (which we then drank later on at the wagon) had some mulled apple juice (which was delicious) and I familiarised myself with goats milk moisturisers. The market was full of exciting things, and I really enjoyed tasting all of the local food & produce - always the best part of going to new places, is tasting the food.

Fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog
Fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog

I got geared up in warm folk inspired clothing as it seemed fitting to the whole theme of staying in a vintage circus wagon, wondering the streets of old magical Shrewsbury - but I had to layer up because it was actually freezing that weekend. I opted for my faux shearling ASOS jacket, paisley print silk dresses which I layered up, and chunky over the knee boots for warmth and comfort.
I'm usually prancing around in jeans, Uggs and a thick knit bobble hat as my uniform, but I wanted to dress a little nicer for the weekend - it's actually one of my main things at the moment, to try and dress a little more 'dressed up' and leave my casuals for the weekend rather than day to day.

Shrewsbury, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog
Shrewsbury, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog
Cafe in Shrewsbury, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog
Shrewsbury castle, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog

Shrewsbury is such a beautiful town, the buildings themselves are just gorgeous - I love how they kept the old village look of the town. But it's the small, narrow streets which you want to go through to get to the exciting places - forget the main high street with major retailers, and explore all the hidden alley ways. We stumbled upon really cool old shops, delis, gorgeous cafes, independent boutiques and restaurants. There was one restaurant down an alleyway which is very exclusive and is booked up pretty much all the time - but we ventured in just to have a look and see if they had any tables, it was decorated with vintage Parisian inspired pieces, just like a boudoir.

Shrewsbury castle, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog
Shrewsbury castle, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog

So here's the part about the castle - I couldn't wait to explore the Shrewsbury castle, especially Lauras Tower because it looked so beautiful on the pictures. When we got there, we saw the sign that killed my dreams - CLOSED UNTIL MONDAY. Who the hell closes the main tourist attraction over the weekend??! I was not impressed. But We got to admire the castle from the outside, so there's the silver lining I guess!

Shrewsbury deli, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog

We could definitely spend more time exploring Shrewsbury, and planning a return visit in the Summer so we could enjoy sitting outside in pub gardens and looking up at the old castles, abbeys and buildings. If you visit, take your camera because there are plenty of photo ops for Instagram - like this beautiful flower cart.

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