26 February 2016

How To Tackle Negative Comparison Thoughts

How do I stop comparing myself to others by lifestyle blogger FashionFake
How do I stop comparing myself to others by lifestyle blogger FashionFake

No one ever, in the history of the world, can say they have never been jealous or compared themselves to others. It's only natural that we look at people around us and make comparisons to their achievements vs our own, and occasionally everyone feels jealous of something another person has. When done a lot, these feelings can become unhealthy.

Judging ourselves based on others can be demoralising: look at how great she's doing at her job but I'm still studying; I love her style but these clothes will look rubbish on my body; her blog has so many followers and is her full time job yet I'm banging my head against the wall trying to push mine through... The list of comparisons is seriously endless. I'm guilty of comparing myself to others on a daily basis and I need to stop because it feels like it's seriously getting me down sometimes - what started as healthy inspiration and admiration, has turned into 'Why am I not good enough?" complex, and seeing as 2016 is going to be an amazing year - I have made that decision and so far it has proven to be amazing with lots of exciting things happening in every element of my life. At the moment, I couldn't be happier and I want this feeling of happiness to stay.

I am going to get rid of this awful bad habit and carry on being my positive self. How do I plan on reversing these demoralising thoughts into a positive growth process? I have a few simple steps I intend to follow:

- Stop comparing myself to others. Yes I don't have a lady six pack like that fitness blogger I follow, but that's because I choose pizza and Netflix whilst she chooses juicing and 3 hours a day on the treadmill - I can achieve that body too if I change my habits.

- Instead of thinking 'Why hasn't this happened to me yet', be positive and happy for the achievements of others and keep focussed on my own goals. Take inspiration from others, rather that feelings of jealousy. Make whatever it is that I like and want so much my goal - grow in a positive way, rather than fall with negativity.

- Think about my end goal and visualise it - a trick I learnt from a weekend of meditating is think about your goal for 1 minute every day, visualise it, feed it positive energy - and it will happen.

- Develop an 'I Can' attitude - as mentioned in my first point, if I really want something instead of thinking 'woe is me', think more like 'I can do this: plan and action!'

- Think about what I am grateful for when I start feeling a little down. What have I achieved that I'm proud of? What do I have in my life that others may want? What makes me happy? I think you'll find that list is a lot longer that the list of things you don't have.

That is the plan, ladies and gents, on how I plan to tackle these negative comparison thoughts and lead a happier, less stressful life! On that note, I'm off to the shops to pic up some avocados, tofu and lettuce to start working on that lady six pack I'm very desperate for. Photos of me in a slinky bikini doing yoga on the beach? Coming to and Instagram near you soon!

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