21 February 2016

Ruby Cosmetics Review

Ruby Cosmetics review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake blog

When I went to the Clothes Show in Birmingham back in December, I was introduced to Ruby Cosmetics, a makeup brand known for their super easy stencil eyebrow powder. I bought the show special full product pack to review, which included the Brown Eye Shadow set, Picture Perfect Brows stencil and powder, and a shimmer lipgloss in Pink.

I fell in love with the eyeshadow kit - it has four shades and a 'How To' guide to get the perfect brown smokey eye. Perfect for everyday, this shadow has strong pigment which lasts and helps make your eyes look bigger and brighter. As I have green eyes, the brown really compliments them, and I find that brown colours are easier to wear everyday because they're not as dramatic as the black.
You basically colour in your lids with two different shades of brown, then outline your eyes with a dark brown shadow which acts like an eye liner, and then use the beige to outline the inner corners of your eye to make them look wide and bright.

Ruby Cosmetics review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake blog

We then move on to the eye brow kit - this comes in many different shades, I got the lighter brown to suit my natural brows. The kit comes complete with a double ended brush and stencils of different thickness to fill in your brows.
The kit is super easy and quick to use - just choose the stencil you like, line it up with your brows and colour in the stencil. Literally seconds later your brows are ready to face the world - perfect!

Ruby Cosmetics review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake blog

I quite liked the lipgloss too, it has a nice shimmer and a hint of colour which is perfect because I'm all into more natural colours at the moment. Like most glosses, it doesn't last for ages but doesn't dry out lips either. It's a great item to carry around in your bag for a top up!


  1. The lipgloss looks lovely, perfect handbag accessory xo

  2. I always love it when makeup kits come with little how to guides, it's really helpful. :)

  3. Just got the show special deal at Blair Atholl. Business was slow so I got both eye shadow pallets and my choice of lip gloss! Really good product however I was given two thin stencils and a nateral rather than the range of all three :-(


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