13 March 2016

Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Shampoo & Daily Rinse Review

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Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Shampoo* & Daily Rinse*

At the beginning of the year, I was chosen to be one of the bloggers to try out some of the best from well loved and emerging hair care brands. I was super excited - bi monthly I will be receiving a box of hair care products to review and report on, so you guys can find the best products for you hair. I test the products based on my hair type - blonde, with highlights, oily and slightly frizzy. So if that sounds like you, then you'll love my hair care reviews because I am finding some absolute gems!

My first box focussed on products which are against animal testing - a huge talking point in the beauty industry at the moment. It's hard to keep up with who is testing on animals and who is not when you're not very involved in the industry, but with more brands advertising how animal friendly they are we can all take 2 minutes out of our shop and look at the products we are buying, and the brands we are using.
Paul Mitchell is proud to advertise that they have been animal friendly since 1980 - they were one of the first companies to stand up against animal testing. It is at the core of their brand ethos, and all of their products are cruelty free. They pledge their commitment and have even stopped selling their products in Chine where animal testing has become a mandate. I salute them for their morals, and standing behind them! Companies like Paul Mitchell just prove that you don't have to test on animals to create products that work.

Talking about products that work, the Paul Mitchell Extra Body range is a recent discovery of mine - I tested their daily shampoo and daily rinse for a number of weeks and I can 100% stand by this product. The products do exactly what they say they will do - give your hair the texture and volume boost it needs. I have to point out that the products do leave a teeny bit of residue on your hair, but that is what makes it texturised and easy to style. I wash my hair every two days with the shampoo and rinse, blow dry and style however I feel like that day. Don't sleep with wet hair after using this product as it will not work in the way you want it to (I just ended up with ratty looking ends and a messy head - not in the sexy way) but take the time to style your do, and the products will lift your locks!



  1. I love a good body shampoo, ive heard amazing things about Paul Mitchell its like a professional salon brand!


  2. This is such a good idea for brands working with bloggers - lucky you! I find it a little annoying when products leave a residue but, like you said, it does great things for texture and helping to style!

    Sammy xo.


  3. What a great project to be part of, Paul Mitchell is a great haircare brand. Not one that I can afford to buy all the time but when I can, I like to treat my hair to a bit of this! x

  4. Paul Mitchell is the brand my hairdresser uses and is the only one who does styling products i like and that holds my short but fine hair aloft


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