13 April 2016

Degustabox March Review

Degustabox review, Degustabox March, UK food blogs, FashionFake blog

Degustabox* is a monthly foodie subscription box, one which I have been a fan of for nearly a year now. I love food and I love snacking, which is why the invention of foodie subscription boxes has been an absolute god send to snackers like me. With a collection of healthy and sweet treats, from well loved brands to new discoveries, Degustabox is excellent value for money and choice.

Degustabox review, Degustabox March, UK food blogs, FashionFake blog

The March box had one of my favourite varieties of snacks - and a cute white chocolate Lindt bunny to celebrate Easter! The Lindt creatures are super cute and I think they make the perfect little gift for someone - or, a sweet treat for yourself! Along with the bunny, another chocolate treat was the Hide & Seek chocolate biscuits which usually I'm not huge on chocolate biscuits but these were really tasty on their own, or with a glass of milk. YUM!

Brioche Pasquier added some Pains au Chocolat to the box which are incredibly tasty for breakfast or brunch with a delicious cup of Earl Grey tea... Mmmm.

Degustabox review, Degustabox March, UK food blogs, FashionFake blog

A good old classic made an appearance in this months box - the all time favourite Chewits! Chewits remind me of my childhood, and also the I Like To Chew It, Chew It song!! I always used to sing it in a funny, deep croaky voice whenever it came on TV. Chewits came in all sorts of different flavours, and the March Degustabox featured strawberry and blackcurrant flavours.

We also received delicious popcorn snacks - popcorn is great because it's low in calories which means that (although I am not suggesting in any way you stuff your face with popcorn) you can allow yourself to snack throughout the day without worrying too much about the consequences.

Monaco biscuits are another noteworthy product - yummy, buttery biscuits which are so moreish and make the perfect bite for savoury snackers.

Degustabox review, Degustabox March, UK food blogs, FashionFake blog

I have noticed Kallo in stores before - a brand which produces and promotes natural food, and a healthy lifestyle. The milk chocolate rice cakes from Kallo were so tasty - the hint of sweetness added to a somewhat bland rice cake. I used these rice cakes as a quick snack (not suggested on the go as they do get pretty messy with all the crumbs! I am yet to try the quinoa & seeds multigrain cakes but I am really looking forward to dipping them in some hummus and scoffing!

Degustabox review, Degustabox March, UK food blogs, FashionFake blog

I was quite surprised by Good Hemp milk - always on the lookout for dairy alternatives, as sometimes milk in big portions like cereals makes me a little ill, I have tried many other natural milks. I was expecting this to be quite bland, but actually it was very smooth and refreshing. I really enjoyed the Good Hemp milk with granola, and even in tea.

Weetabix On The Go are great breakfasts for those times when you have to run out the door, half of your coat still hanging off your shoulder, wallet in mouth and shoes dragging across the floor whilst you struggle to place your feet in them. One of those mornings makes the perfect time to grab a Weetabix On The Go and enjoy a nutritious and a pretty yummy breakfast.

A snack which I really enjoyed was the Karyatis Meze to go - a red pepper and feta cheese dip with crackers that you can take and eat anywhere. I also had a pitta wrap which I ate with this snack, and the dip goes perfectly well with pitta and cucumber.

Degustabox review, Degustabox March, UK food blogs, FashionFake blog

I am a huge lover of crisps - they are my weak point. Some people break diets because of chocolate, I break diets because of deliciously savoury crisps. Pipers Crisp Co Cheddar & Onion crisps are tangy and strong - just how you want cheesy crisps to be. The bag was pretty big and full, making this a great snack to share out during lunch with friends. These crisps get a massive high five from me - but for those of you who hate cheese (if that's even possible!), stay away as these bad boys are super cheesy!

The last thing in this months box is the Kent's Kitchen Stuffing which I am yet to test out - so keep an eye out for a recipe soon! I received the Rustic Red Onion, Herb and Horseradish stuffing which sounds divine.

If this sounds like something you want to try out, then visit Degustabox and enter the code BLDEG15 upon checkout to receive £6 off your first Degustabox!

*This post was written in partnership with Degustabox UK who kindly sent me the March Degustabox for consideration and review. 

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