4 April 2016

Weleda Almond Range Review

Let's talk Weleda: I have been using their Skin Food for years because it's an awesome moisturiser and the only thing that calms my dry skin after shaving my legs. But after talking to Weleda representatives at the Pegasus Beauty showcase some time ago, I got absolutely obsessed with the brand.

Weleda started off in Germany all the way back in 1921 with the ethos of being a natural brand, and they didn't stray from their beliefs. The brand prides themselves on being natural and spiritual, connecting nature and people in harmony. Weleda products are 'more' than organic too - sounds strange and too good to be true? Listen up why they are more than just pure and natural:
- Weleda use raw materials in any way possible by gaining their ingredients from certified wild collection OR bio-dynamic cultivation (a very similar process to how organic materials are sourced). The brand also take pride in being responsible by thinking of the environment, and practicing sustainability, fair trade and protection of species and resources. Can these guys do any wrong?? Let's carry on: Weleda promise no synthetic preservatives, fragrances, chemicals - there is nothing synthetic in their products AT ALL! No toxins, additives or raw materials from mineral oils either. These guys are certified by NATRUE Standards which recognises the authenticity of natural and organic products by awarding natural, natural & organic and organic certification categories.

Now that we have fallen completely head over heels with Weleda, let's explore their almond skincare range. Rich in oil and nutrients, almond is a delicate yet effective skin saviour when it comes to soothing irritating skin by helping it form a protective layer. High in vitamin E, almond helps skin look and feel younger for longer, as well as protecting it from daily pollution.

The Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Hand Cream is the perfect daily hand cream to soothe dry and irritated skin - super fast absorbent, it builds a protective shell around your skin but keeping in all the moisture. I'm a huge fan of this cream, and sometimes use it on my elbows, knees and heels too!

Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil is a rich, nourishing moisture boost for sensitive skin. Fragrance free and light, it delivers a intensive care whilst seeping into skin quickly and not leaving a greasy residue. You can use this oil when your skin needs a little pamper, a moisture boost for dry skin or to remove makeup.


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