29 May 2016

La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur Review

La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur review, beauty bloggers, UK beauty blog, FashionFake blog
La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur review, beauty bloggers, UK beauty blog, FashionFake blog
La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur review, beauty bloggers, UK beauty blog, FashionFake blog

Typically, I use a heavier foundation because I have blemished skin and scars left from acne during my teenage years - however recently I have been trying and testing lighter foundations and BB creams which help my skin look smooth and clear without clogging up pores.
I previously reviewed La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat (three years ago now - where has the time gone?!) and I really enjoyed using the product which in turn converted me to be a fan of the brand. French Pharmacy at its best, La Roche-Posay has over 30 years of experience working with dermatologists throughout the world to invent skincare and makeup products which meet the needs and requirements of all types of skin. The brand has become a leading player when it comes to developing products specifically formulated for sensitive skin - high tolerance and safety come high on their list when working with new products.

The Effaclar BB Blur works like a real life Instagram filter - it blurs the appearance of pores, blemishes and fine lines whilst absorbing oils throughout the day. I have to admit that I was sceptical about this product at first because the layer was very thin when applying, but the results were phenomenal. BB Blur is specifically tailored for oily skin (works great for someone like me who has combination skin) - using Aircilium, a cutting edge ingredient which forms a supple yet resistant film over your skin. This film allows skin to breathe - so don't be afraid of clogged pores! In fact, since switching to BB Blur my skin has less blemishes and spots.

Effaclar BB Blur is suitable for the most sensitive of skin, and the formula contains shade adapting pigments that work on application - now this was really interesting for me. I have previously tried products which promised to adapt to my skin shade, but they really did not work. When something orange comes out of the bottle, typically it stays orange on my face which is a massive no-no. When I first applied BB Blur, I was so disappointed that the shade was so dark and I was pretty sure I would not be able to wear it. But once applied on to my face the shade blended in to my skin to perfection! It's magical, honestly.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur is paraben and oil free, and non-comedogenic, scoring it a massive 10/10 from me. I used this BB cream every day and especially am loving it now that the weather is getting hot because it keeps my skin looking healthy, smooth and best of all glowing - but never p


22 May 2016

Dalry Rose Styling

For a little while now I have been talking about launching my own business (you may have seen the Tweets or Facebook messages) - and this Sunday morning I am finally proud to announce that Dalry Rose Styling has gone live! 

Dalry Rose Styling offers personal styling services in Hampshire and the surrounding areas, as well as bringing you some of the most incredible one-off vintage pieces available to shop on the site.

The brand ethos has always been, and will always be: live a luxurious lifestyle on a 'penny' budget. I don't believe that you have to spend a lot of money to look and feel good - it's all about knowing what to spulrge on, where to find the best bargains, and how to dress for your body shape. My mission is to show more women how to be frugal with how they shop and dress to increase confidence and happiness.

All of my focus and energy has gone into thinking about Dalry Rose as a brand, and how I can combine my three passions: styling, vintage and writing. I feel that this new website is the perfect place to host all three of these - most importantly launching my career ahead as a personal stylist. You would have noticed that I have been a little MIA from FashionFake, so what does this mean for the future of this blog? Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere - yet. I will be posting 2/3 times a week, but you will also see that I have a blog on Dalry Rose - eventually I want to take all of you guys with me on this journey and FashionFake will be rebranded as Dalry Rose blog. But this will all come in time - I just wanted you to know what's happening. 

What happened to Dalry Rose Vintage? It is still very much alive and integrated into Dalry Rose styling via the shop page - you can now buy all the vintage items online! I come across many vintage gems on my trips and travels and I look forward to bringing you individual fashion pieces from different eras and corners of the world. 

I am super excited to start this journey and take you all with me - this is my passion, what I love doing and what I hope to be doing every day very, very soon. Spread the word - if you, or anyone you know are looking for a personal stylist; help with event/occasion dressing; wedding styling (now this is the best part!); or if you want to learn how to shop for vintage pieces yourself, contact me via the Dalry Rose website and we'll get cracking! 

15 May 2016

13 May 2016

Prom Queen With Boohoo.com

I never went to my prom - in Year 11, my family moved to England from Budapest and I didn't really enjoy the new school, the people in it (except for a couple of girls who I made friends with), the teachers or even the lessons. So at the end of my GCSE's, I just wanted to leave and not come back - ever. So I stayed away from this celebration and a passing through to "adult" life.

11 May 2016

Summer Bodies Are Made In Spring: Body Confidence

"Now every girl is expected to have Caucasian blue eyes, full Spanish lips, a classic button nose, hairless Asian skin with a California tan, a Jamaican dance hall ass, long Swedish legs, small Japanese feet, the abs of a lesbian gym owner, the hips of a nine-year-old boy, the arms of Michelle Obama, and doll tits. The person closest to actually achieving this look is Kim Kardashian, who, as we know, was made by Russian scientists to sabotage our athletes." -- Tina Fey

The above quote makes me giggle, and then I get really sad. Of course it's hilarious to think that these are the expectations of women these days, but it's also really bloody sad that most (if not all) of us have issues with confidence over our bodies and the way we look. It's not OK for anyone to dictate how a body should look - I personally think that if you're a) healthy and b) happy, then you're doing something right. 

I teamed up with LighterLife Fast to talk about body confidence (you can read my first post about 'bikini bodies' here) and in this article I want to explore why we are conscious of our bodies, and share tips on how to be happy with your body.

For years, I have been self conscious about different parts of my body. Growing up, I hated my nose and as I hit thirteen I actually wanted a nose job (crazy, right?!) - thankfully, by the time I could indulge in plastic surgery I got over that body issue. Then I hit my teens and was graced by the unavoidable acne which spread all across my face and stayed with me until I was 16 - you will not find many pictures of me from the age of 13 - 16 because acne was a real issue for me. I lost all my confidence, I tried to cake my face with as much makeup as I possibly could to hide my pimples and I spent way too many hours crying over it. I'm now in my mid twenties and inevitably lost the size 6 figure which I always had, and am now a healthy size 10. But boy did I struggle for years to understand that with my height, and build, I am never going to be a size 6 again unless I give up the pizzas, burgers, wine and sit on a diet of undressed lettuce leaves.

Who would pass this up?! Cheesy, spicy goodness...
Don't get me wrong, I am all up for healthy eating but I also love indulging in a treat or two - I save these for really bad days, and weekend celebrations. Through the week, I try and eat balanced, healthy meals and have also made it a part of my routine to include fasting months to keep my weight at my desired limit. I use LighterLife Fast 5:2 diet typically, but to shed some of the winter padding I have gained, I have been practicing the 4:3 diet which is eat normally for 4 days, and fast for 3 taking in just 600-800 calories. LighterLife Fast make it really easy to keep count of your calorie intake with labelled meals and snacks.

Even though the LighterLife Fast meals are delicious on their own, sometimes I crave a little bit of spice or herbs (which account for no calories!) so I spike my meals with a little bit of fresh herbs, or ground spices - yum.
I previously did an experiment with LighterLife Fast where I stuck to the 5:2 diet for 6 weeks and lost 5kg (read the full post here) so I'm a huge fan of the meals which have proven results for me. The benefits of a diet like this is the fact that you have cheat days where you can indulge in a treat like a juicy burger in a nice country pub, or have your wine on Fridays (just make sure it's not one of your fasting days as a bottle of wine contains near enough the same amount of calories as a greasy takeaway).

Although I take steps to obtaining my desired body, I am happy with myself because no body is perfect - natural bodies are the best because they have lumps and bumps in places that no one else has. Yes a Barbie is considered beautiful but you know what is always going to be special? A handmade doll that has stitches coming out, and who's hair is made from frizzy wool rather than shiny polyester.
I wanted to share with you a couple of my tips on how to get confident about your body and feel great this summer:

- Eat whatever you like, as long as you cook it: that way you will know exactly what's going into your meals and feel good about what you eat. Seriously, a homemade cheese and tomato pizza is unbeatable!

- Get used to your body and that means getting naked in front of the mirror. I cover up with baggy t-shirts and maxi dresses that the other day when I wore a tight top my friend was like 'Wow, you actually have a great body!'. The thing is, I didn't look at my body so I never knew. 

- Practice mindfulness. I cannot recommend meditation and yoga enough - it seriously grounds you and helps you put things in perspective. Instead of seeing myself as negatives, I count what I am grateful for every day - like the fact that I'm curvy is because I can put (more than) enough food on the table. 

- Be at peace with yourself. I will never have perfect skin - what's the point of stressing about it? My hair will always be frizzy in humidity. I am never going to be as skinny as I was in my teens. And you know what? They're really not things worth worrying about. In fact, they're the qualities that make me - me. 

- Treat yourself. Sometimes there's nothing better than a new bag, new shoes or a new dress to help you feel like a superstar. Talking of treating yourself - LighterLife Fast have been very kind to offer one of my readers the chance to win a £50 voucher for Vesper Clothing and treat yourself to a gorgeous new dress. Step out in style this Spring/Summer! All you have to do is enter via Rafflecopter below. Good luck! 


2 May 2016

Harvey Loves Harringtons

Pets diets are just as important as our own - I learnt that pretty quick after adopting Harvey, and putting a lot of dog food brands to the test. During the first couple of months, I used to feed him with all the best known supermarket brand of wet food, but after having a consultation with a specialist about his hyperactive behaviour, I found out how important it actually is to know and take care about what you put into your dogs body.

1 May 2016

Antipodes Joyful Hand and Body Cream Review

I use Antipodes skincare products on my face every day, so I was really excited to try the Antipodes Joyful hand and body cream with avocado oil - and I set my expectations high after reading some exciting reviews.
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