2 May 2016

Harvey Loves Harringtons

Pets diets are just as important as our own - I learnt that pretty quick after adopting Harvey, and putting a lot of dog food brands to the test. During the first couple of months, I used to feed him with all the best known supermarket brand of wet food, but after having a consultation with a specialist about his hyperactive behaviour, I found out how important it actually is to know and take care about what you put into your dogs body.

The problem is that most people don't look at the labels on their own food, let alone dog food - but when you read the contents of ingredients and see that the meat is actually only derivatives, the sugar content is the equivalent of a large glass of Coke and most of the food is bulked with general crap rather than vegetables you start to see why it's important to be aware of why some brands charge more for dog food.

As Harvey gets older, his diet becomes more important that ever as the minerals and nutrients within the food he eats contributes to his well being. We teamed up with Harringtons to test out what my fussy eater thinks of their wet food selection.
Harringtons promise 100% natural healthy ingredients with added vitamins and minerals, and no artificial flavours, no dairy, no soya and no added wheat. When you look at the composition of the food, it is clear to see that meat is the dominant ingredient in Harringtons: in their chicken and potato wet tray there is 60% of chicken, 26% potato, 5% carrots, 5% peas and added oils and minerals. Added Green Lipped Mussel is a rich source of omega fats, glucosamine and chondroitin; green tea is rich in health promoting natural antioxidants; rosehips which are rich in vitamin C which helps support the immune system.

Harvey got stuck in to his chicken and potato meal straight away - the plate was licked clean! He really enjoyed trialling Harringtons wet meals - duck and potato was a favourite, as well as the salmon.
You can buy the Harringtons Selection box which includes Salmon, Chicken, Turkey and Duck wet meals from Waitrose and the box costs £6 for 4 pouches. Harvey eats 2 trays per day, one in the morning and one for dinner, so a box lasts him 2 days. It is more expensive than some other supermarket food brands, but you are assured than what your dog is eating is actual food, rather than mushed up beaks and bones and feet of birds and animals, with a pint of sugar spread on top. Alternatively, when I have time, I cook Harvey homemade meals which consist of rice, boiled chicken, peas and carrots - essentially the same as what Harringtons main ingredients are!

Now brace yourself for three of the most handsome doggy pictures ever! Thank you to Harringtons for sending us a little doggy party pack with Harveys own bow tie, bowl and delicious meals!

*Harringtons provided the food for review, however all opinions and research in this post are my own, and based in Harveys  reaction to the food. 

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