1 July 2016

Rare Marula Oil Treatment from Paul Mitchell

Marula oil hair review, beauty bloggers, UK beauty blog
Rare Marula Oil Treatment* - Normal & Light

In a previous post, I have introduced you to Marula Oil - an ancient moisturising oil which has been used by women in South Africa and Mozambique for ages. The oil is extracted from nuts of the Marula tree and has been traditionally used in cosmetics by being cold pressed to preserve its exceptional quality and nutrients.

Paul Mitchell Rare Oil hair care contains the purest oil of high quality, with 50% more protective antioxidants than Argan oil (according to Paul Mitchells website). The high concentration of nutrients and oleic acids help hydrate, repair and moisturise hair at the deepest levels - which sounds incredible for damaged or dry hair.

Marula oil hair review, beauty bloggers, UK beauty blog

I have previously reviewed the Rare Marula Shampoo & Conditioner, but there is more to the range - in this post I want to carry on the conversation with Rare Marula Oil Treatment from Paul Mitchell. There are two version of the oil: the original and the light treatment oil. Both of the oils contain cold pressed marula oil which is packed with powerful antioxidants and replenishing oleic acids - these ingredients help achieve instant hydration, frizz taming and softness of the hair. The light oil contains a featherweight version of the Marula ingredient, which has been formulated especially for fine hair. It is a non-greasy, multitasking oil treatment that helps hair, and skin, with moisture. 

I didn't realise this, but you can actually apply the oil as a pre-shampooing treatment to really give your hair that nourishment kick - or use as typical and apply to clean, damp hair before blow drying. I have found that unless I blow dry my hair, it does tent to go a little flat and limp after the oil treatment - but when heat is applied it makes my hair smooth and silky. 

Unlike the shampoo & conditioner which were a little too much for my hair, I really enjoy using the Rare Marula Oils as an occasional treat when my hair really needs some TLC!


  1. Sounds good! I'm a big user of essential oils. And know how beneficial are they for skin and hair. Though I never tried it but definitely going to try as it sounds good!

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