27 September 2016

Hello Dalry Rose Blog!

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In life, everything starts off small: a plant starts with a teeny seed and blooms into a gorgeous flower; we are born tiny and then we grow into big, strong, clever humans; a small idea blossoms into a plan that changes the world. This process of growing up is all about change - think of a caterpillar and a butterfly, they even have different names and totally different looks but are connected by development and evolution. Why am I writing about this? Because I want to introduce you to an evolved, grown up FashionFake - please say hello to Dalry Rose Blog.

I have been plotting a rebrand for a while now, I feel like I outgrew the name FashionFake some time ago and I really wanted my blog name to resonate with what I write and what I am. FashionFake was all about high fashion, extreme styling and city vibes. Dalry Rose is all about wearable fashion, high street bargain finds, cosy dinners and countryside walks in Hampshire. Which is me in a nutshell!

I stared a blog 5 years ago and those 5 years have been the most inspirational, fun, exciting and have taught me so much. They have also taken me on adventures and given me opportunities which I have never had before. It has given me the opportunity to work with some incredible companies, build a portfolio of social media clients, attend events packed with A-listers and start a career in personal styling which is something I've always wanted to do. So yes, I have my blog to thank for all of that - but let's not veer off the main purpose of this post which is to get you familiar with Dalry Rose Blog and what to expect in the future.

I will still write about fashion and lifestyle: bring you more outfits posts which focus on affordable pieces and every day wear; carry on with In The Kitchen series where I tell you all about my recipes which are super delicious and easy to make; bring you lifestyle updates and things to do in the UK; and also tips and tricks on digital media management for other bloggers/ local businesses. I guess I just wanted you guys to know what's happening so you don't look at your social media feeds and go 'WHO THE HELL IS THIS?!' and unfollow - then we just lose contact!

Dalry Rose Blog is me, Lana Suhova, and my content will be along the same lines - but better. I'm really excited for the next few months during which I am working with photographers, videographers and other super talented people to improve content on my blog. I hope you are too!

Please leave me comments and feedback on what you think about the new blog name - I'd love to know! And also, if you would like to see a post about how to rebrand your blog on Blogger (it is a HEADACHE to say the least), let me know and I'll get cracking!

PS: a special shout out to Anna at Pinodesk who again helped me with the illustration - check her out because she is so talented and I cannot recommend her to you enough!

With love,

(aka Dalry Rose Blog)

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  1. Go you for going ahead with such a big job! I love the rebrand and the illustration is amazing!!


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