30 December 2016

Goodbye 2016!

Hampshire bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers, Dalry Rose blog
Hampshire bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers, Dalry Rose blog

Ah 2016 - where do we start? In the tradition of every 1st January, it all started with "This will be THE year of greatness" and to be honest for the first couple of months it was - until 2016 decided to get high on bath salts and fuck shit up. 2016 for me has been a whirlwind of happiness, change, sadness, adventures, and figuring out my place on the world. It seems for most people 2016 has been somewhat ridiculous - and the years is still doing it's damage before we get released from the grip of the monkey when the clock strikes 12 on New Years night. I for one, cannot wait to jump into 2017.

Some amazing things happened to me in 2016: I started to conquer my anxiety when it comes to travel and went on adventures to new places; I figured out what I wanted to do with my life and started my own business(es); I got engaged to the love of my life; I got a car and ultimately freedom. I made new friends, got closer to my best friends; worked with some incredible brands which gave me the opportunity to experience incredible days and events; met incredible people who's stories have inspired me; and I'm pretty sure my stories have inspired some others who want to kick start their own business ventures. This year was certainly busy! But it was also incredibly hard. As well as experiencing some ups and downs in my personal life (which I won'e publicise over the internet), I made the leap of my life when it comes to work.

Hampshire bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers, Dalry Rose blog
Hampshire bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers, Dalry Rose blog

Deciding to leave a financially comfortable job to start off on my own was probably the hardest decision I have ever made, but it was the right decision and I'm happy I did it. I've worked hard for everything I have and all that I have achieved, the possibility of being a broke freelancer terrified me. But I have been balancing a full time agency job with freelance social media management for smaller local businesses, blogging, and freelance personal styling around Hampshire for several months and I just couldn't cope with the amount of work anymore. So, with a little push from my friends and family I leaped into the freelance world with open arms, ambitions, and goals.

Since November I have been building my two businesses, and if you guys are interested I will write a post on how to go freelance/what it's really like - because it's goddamn hard work. With all the ups and downs I think I have experienced every single emotion in the last two months: the happiest I've been; the most scared; anxious; excited; motivated; lonely; #girlboss. I know though, all this hard work will pay off in 12 months and watch this space because a motivated attitude and never giving up  on your dreams will get you where you want! There's no rainbow without the rain, right?

Hampshire bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers, Dalry Rose blog

So 2016 - it has been a wild ride! I am a strong believer that things happen when they should happen and there's a pattern in this universe which leads out lives down the paths which are made for us. But I'm also a strong believer that you should follow your gut and just go for it! I wanted to finish this post with a set of realistic New Years resolutions. Last year I set myself 3 goals: get fit (didn't happen); travel more (I have set this in motion so yep!); and be more positive (which I think I have been in certain months, but could have worked harder). My 2017 resolutions are as follows: 

- Get Fit. HAHA! Yes, as always this is the number one resolution! And in January I'm getting help from some brand friends who are going to motivate me to do so. I'm also going to be recording my progress on Instastories and potentially a YouTube vlog which is going to be hilarious. I can picture the series being more An Idiot Abroad style than anything Fitness on Toast produces. 

- Do something different each month. I have stolen this resolution from one of my best friends who's been doing this in 2016 - every month I need to experience something different whether it's a new place, a dance class, going on a bike ride, karaoke in front of people. It's a great way to live life and find new hobbies! If you have any fun activities that you do, or a place that you love please leave me a comment for inspiration!

- Smash my business goals. Now I'm a #girlboss I will be spending this year focussed on my businesses and ensuring they grow with realistic goals, and by the end of the year I am financially stable and secure.

- Travel to at least one country outside of the UK. F U anxiety, I'm getting outside the borders this year. 

- Focus on my relationship. This year has been very much about me, and I acknowledge that sometimes I can get wrapped up in my own crap. Now I know what I want and I'm comfortable with the path I have chosen, I want to focus on my personal relationship which also needs attention, time and effort.

5 Resolutions to keep in 2017, all which I am super excited about. I'm so excited to welcome 2017!!! I really hope that you guys have had exciting years, and are looking forward to the new year. What are your resolutions? And how do you intend to keep them? 

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