30 March 2016

Restaurant Review: Bodeans BBQ, London

Bodean's BBQ bar review, lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers, FashionFake blog

This post is long overdue – I have been a fan of Bodean’s, a BBQ joint with locations all over London. I have been to a couple of Bodean’s, but have recently discovered my absolute favourite item from the menu – Bodean’s Famous BBQ Burnt Ends. The Burnt Ends are slow-smoked chunks of beef brisket (which come either Wet or Dry) with a light BBQ sauce, and served with coleslaw and fries.

27 March 2016

Bedroom Storage Makeup Solution Giveaway!

Makeup storage giveaway, beauty bloggers, UK beauty blog, FashionFake blog

I know you guys love a good giveaway and I have a new super exciting giveaway for you: a chance to win one of these amazing makeup storage sets from Bedroom Storage!
I am a very clean person, but I am messy - with such little time to get ready in the morning, it means that I need everything right in front of me. Bedroom Storage provides really cute and spacious plastic storage solutions which can house all your cosmetics, and look great in your dressing table.

I love having all of my every day essentials right there within reach when I'm rushing around in the morning. With the option to stack the storage, or have them as two separate units, these boxes are perfect for any size dressing tables or desks.

That's not to say that this has to be a beauty storage - you can put jewellery, or stationary into these boxes too! I'm thinking I may get a couple more to keep in my office for business cards, pens, notes and other small stationary bits and pieces.

Makeup storage giveaway, beauty bloggers, UK beauty blog, FashionFake blog
Makeup storage giveaway, beauty bloggers, UK beauty blog, FashionFake blog
Makeup storage giveaway, beauty bloggers, UK beauty blog, FashionFake blog

Do you want to get your hands on this storage set from Bedroom Storage? Then enter my giveaway below - I wish you all the best of luck!!
*Prize supplied by Bedroom Storage

a Rafflecopter giveaway

23 March 2016

Restaurant Review: Benitos Hat, Oxford Circus, London

Benitos Hat review, food bloggers, UK lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog
Benitos Hat review, food bloggers, UK lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog

A little while ago I had a day of press previews in London during which I met my friend Nicole for a much-needed catch up and dinner. She took me to this awesome little burritos and margaritas place called Benitos Hat, just off Oxford Circus.
I friggin love Mexican food – it’s so comforting with a spicy kick, melting cheese and zesty freshness from citrus. As far as burritos go they are perfect – fun to say (with a Mexican accent of course), filled and fat with filling, and easy to eat on the go! Benitos Hat is all about the famous burrito, in fact it reminded me somewhat of a Subway system where you pick you burrito filling, salad, sauces and what goes with it.

20 March 2016

Green People Skincare Review

Green People skincare review, beauty bloggers, UK beauty blog, FashionFake blog
Green People skincare review, beauty bloggers, UK beauty blog, FashionFake blog
Green People skincare review, beauty bloggers, UK beauty blog, FashionFake blog

A little while ago I was introduced to Green People - a UK skincare brand which is on a mission to be the most loved organic beauty brand of the nation. Organic skincare is huge right now, and for a really great reason: certified organic beauty products contain no chemicals, are GM free and have natural ingredients. You can read more about organic skincare in my Organic Beauty Week 2015 post.

Green People have all certifications to take the place of 'top dog' when it comes to organic skincare - they were the first brand to have cosmetic products certified organic by the Soil Association, followed by Organic Food Federation. They have also now achieved certification with EcoCert which in total makes them the only cosmetics company to be independently certified by 3 different bodies.

I love the fact that Green People have 90% of their products certified organic, and are continuously working to improve the existing 10% to be organic too. I love the two products which I have been testing out: the Fruit Scrub Exfoliator and Vita Min Fix 24 Hour Cream. The Fruit Scrub is so gentle on my skin, yet it gets rid of any clogged up dirt in my pores and my face feels clean and soft... It contains apricot, bergamot and mandarin - the combination of which smells divine! It doesn't contain parabens, lanolin, alcohol, artificial perfumes or colourants which makes it super gentle on the skin.
The Vita Min Fix 24 Hour Cream gives your skin a boost of moisture, helps keep wrinkles at bay and is suitable for people with psoriasis or eczema. The main ingredients include evening primrose, avocado, green tea, seaweed, sandalwood, rose geranium and jojoba esters - YUM. This moisturisers is rich in nourishing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which seep into your skin and make it soft and bright.



18 March 2016

Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo & Dramatic Repair Review

Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo & Dramatic Repair Review, FashionFake blog, beauty bloggers, UK beauty blog

I'm a natural blonde, and I don't intend to change my hair colour anytime soon. I love being a blonde: I love the colour, how my highlights look, how subtle ombre can make a huge difference. But sometimes it's hard to keep blonde locks looking bright and shiny. The older I get, the darker my hair gets and I'm always looking for easy, low maintenance ways to keep my hair looking as bright as it can without bleaching it. Although perhaps I may go a little lighter this summer - I'm feeling like I want to get that dandelion look!

Paul Mitchell have come up with a range of hair care that will help blondes have more fun, and keep their colour whilst they're at it. Their Forever Blonde range helps the colour of your hair stay bright, without drying out your hair but rather injecting moisture back into it.
I tried this duo for the first time, and I didn't notice much of a difference in my hair but when I came out to see my mum she asked me when I went to the hairdresser. I told her I hadn't been for a while, and she said that my hair looked really blonde like I had just dyed it! It looks especially bright after a blow dry and style - and my hair feels super soft.

Paul Mitchell also don't test on animals - since 1980, their brand has been against animal cruelty and support this message strongly.


14 March 2016

Life Update: March 2016

I have been feeling a little life update post coming on for a while now, because recently so many things have happened that I want to share. I feel like I finally have a direction in which I want to take my life (sometimes, other days I literally want to crawl into bed with a pizza and my laptop and never leave), but let's focus on the positives of the future.

For a couple of months, I've been really down. Stress is really the root cause of it all. I'm an anxious person by nature and certain things have been grating on me for a while, things that happen every day which is why I found myself so frustrated and upset. I was in a rut, in a hole that was only getting bigger day by day and I couldn't really see a way out from things that make me unhappy, and unwell. A contribution of work, home, personal life and financial worries have just completely sky rocketed my stress levels, and I don't think it would be unfair to say the way I was feeling is on the verge of serious depression - I lost passion and interest in things that I love, and that worried me. But, after a weekend of tea, cakes and a little bit of booze I have come out fighting. I remembered how amazing life is right now, and how to focus on the things that really matter in life.

I have made myself climb out of this hole because I'm a fighter - and I'm not taking life's grey patches lying down. Speaking to people I love has helped me figure out what it is that I want and not loose sight of the things that really matter to me. That's the best advice I can ever give you: share your worries and troubles with those close to you. I honestly felt so much better when I spoke about the things which have been bothering me and making me upset, and immediately felt 50% better about everything.

I decided enough is enough, and I'm going to keep on changing my life until I love every minute of it - after all, so many exciting things are happening:

I'm engaged to someone I love so much, and planning our wedding is so fun and exciting! I haven't even started blogging about our adventures yet but keep your eyes peeled for some lifestyle posts about our wedding ventures. Bridal showers, wedding fayres, venues, DRESSES! We have only really started the planning now as my engagement ring was pretty big and it just didn't feel real without it, so I wanted to get the ring back on my finger (and at the perfect size) before we started planning.

I'm launching my online boutique, Dalry Rose (website coming soon, but you can follow and support me on Twitter!). Since I can remember I wanted my own cute fashion boutique - and I'm going to do it. You guys have totally helped me decide on the direction of the store with your tweets and messages, so THANK YOU!! I can't do this without you, and I hope you'll support this new journey. Just to give you a little sneak peek - I am going to hunt down vintage gems from all across the country (and overseas when I can) and offer them to you at affordable prices. I spent a couple of weekends hunting for vintage fashion, and it makes me so happy to find these individual pieces but I often think it's not something I wear, but someone else will love it. Like the other day I found a genuine 1970's handmade dress for a bargain £8 (in the sale rail of a vintage attic in Hampshire) - I just had to have it. I then found out it was actually made by an award winning seamstress! How cool is that?! I love things with a story behind them. Each item tells a story... watch this space.

I'm learning new skills at my job every day - being an account manager, I'm not only expanding my marketing skills, but also learning more about the financial side of businesses. On top of that, I'm taking courses to further my knowledge and expertise in social media, marketing and business management which are key skills to me right now.

I think what I want to get across in this update is that life is changing at 100mph and I'm learning/trying to keep up. My priorities have totally changed since last year - I know what I want my life to be and it's a change from what I'm doing now, but I'm working towards my dreams. You only get one life (unless you believer in reincarnation - like me - in which case you get many lives in different bodies and spirits) and you need to live it the way you want to. No regrets, no fear - as the infamous slogan says: Just Do It.

13 March 2016

Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Shampoo & Daily Rinse Review

Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Haircare review, FashionFake blog, beauty bloggers, UK beauty blog
Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Shampoo* & Daily Rinse*

At the beginning of the year, I was chosen to be one of the bloggers to try out some of the best from well loved and emerging hair care brands. I was super excited - bi monthly I will be receiving a box of hair care products to review and report on, so you guys can find the best products for you hair. I test the products based on my hair type - blonde, with highlights, oily and slightly frizzy. So if that sounds like you, then you'll love my hair care reviews because I am finding some absolute gems!

My first box focussed on products which are against animal testing - a huge talking point in the beauty industry at the moment. It's hard to keep up with who is testing on animals and who is not when you're not very involved in the industry, but with more brands advertising how animal friendly they are we can all take 2 minutes out of our shop and look at the products we are buying, and the brands we are using.
Paul Mitchell is proud to advertise that they have been animal friendly since 1980 - they were one of the first companies to stand up against animal testing. It is at the core of their brand ethos, and all of their products are cruelty free. They pledge their commitment and have even stopped selling their products in Chine where animal testing has become a mandate. I salute them for their morals, and standing behind them! Companies like Paul Mitchell just prove that you don't have to test on animals to create products that work.

Talking about products that work, the Paul Mitchell Extra Body range is a recent discovery of mine - I tested their daily shampoo and daily rinse for a number of weeks and I can 100% stand by this product. The products do exactly what they say they will do - give your hair the texture and volume boost it needs. I have to point out that the products do leave a teeny bit of residue on your hair, but that is what makes it texturised and easy to style. I wash my hair every two days with the shampoo and rinse, blow dry and style however I feel like that day. Don't sleep with wet hair after using this product as it will not work in the way you want it to (I just ended up with ratty looking ends and a messy head - not in the sexy way) but take the time to style your do, and the products will lift your locks!


12 March 2016

9 March 2016

Degustabox February Review

Degustabox February review, lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers, FashionFake blog

I get so excited when it gets to that time of the month - the date of my Degustabox delivery. I have been a fan of this monthly subscription food box for 6 months and I have officially fallen in love with it. I realised that the surprise snacks in the box make me so happy, and taste so delicious that I can now say without a shadow of a doubt that I love my Degustaboxes! I'm just so with the theme of love for February's box :)

Restaurant Review: The Rivington, Shoreditch, London

The Rivington Bar & Grill review, UK food bloggers, UK lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog

It was a little while ago that I visited The Rivington Bar & Grill in Shoreditch, London – I did still want to put out this review as I really enjoyed the food and atmosphere in the restaurant.
We had a private dinner in a secluded corner of the restaurant with a delicious, handpicked menu. I unknowingly picked a seafood themed menu because the seafood sounded truly exceptional, and I wanted something different.


2 March 2016

Restaurant Review: Bistro Jacques, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Bistro Jacques review, UK food blog, UK lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog

During our trip to Shropshire where we stayed at Ninks Wagon (read all about our stay!), we visited Shrewsbury (read about the day here) and ate at some awesome places. One of those places was Bistro Jacques, a French brasserie located in the heart of Shrewsbury highstreet, which we visited for our engagement dinner celebrations.
I love French food but I don’t often eat it – I guess I need to polish off my French cuisine at home skills, and actually find some amazing local French restaurants in Hampshire. But when I saw the huge menu at Bistro Jacques, and the ambience of an upmarket brasserie, I knew we had to visit and eat there. I didn’t know that was going to be the place of our engagement dinner!

1 March 2016

Spring 2016 LookBook: First Day of Spring

FashionFake Blog LookBook, fashion looks for Spring 2016, fashion bloggers, UK fashion blog
FashionFake Blog LookBook, fashion looks for Spring 2016, fashion bloggers, UK fashion blog
FashionFake Blog LookBook, fashion looks for Spring 2016, fashion bloggers, UK fashion blog
FashionFake Blog LookBook, fashion looks for Spring 2016, fashion bloggers, UK fashion blog
FashionFake Blog LookBook, fashion looks for Spring 2016, fashion bloggers, UK fashion blog
FashionFake Blog LookBook, fashion looks for Spring 2016, fashion bloggers, UK fashion blog
FashionFake Blog LookBook, fashion looks for Spring 2016, fashion bloggers, UK fashion blog
what i'm wearing: leather jacket (old) River Island (similar here) // denim shirt* Less Than Ten Pounds // skirt River Island // shoes Kurt Geiger (similar here)

Today is the first official day of Spring - 1st of March. It doesn't feel very much like Spring here in the UK as I woke up to wind, rain and freezing cold - but on the upside the daffodils have started to sprout so it's all very confusing when it comes to what's going on with the weather... Climate change?
Anyway, what's not confusing is that layering is the sensible option for weather like today. I picked some of my favourite staple wardrobe items to style up for gloomy Spring weather and these include a classic denim shirt, tweed A line skirt (which I am loving at the moment, even though this one in particular is very old from River Island), a black leather jacker and high ankle boots to keep my footsies nice and warm. That's actually one tip I can confidently give you - if your feet are warm, it genuinely makes you feel warmer overall, so ditch the peep toes and keep our warm booties on for now!

This is a great look to wear in the city, but also for nice days out in the countryside when relaxing on a weekend. I live and work in small town in the South of England so I always look for versatile outfits which will look nice, but not overly dressy, for every day wear.

What are your fashion tips to welcoming Spring in style? Comment below!

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