25 January 2017

Beauty Boxes are Less Fuss and More Fun

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I have been subscribed to a beauty box since 2012 and never questioned it's purpose in my life until recently I started wondering: what does my Glossybox actually bring to my life? I signed up to the monthly beauty box after seeing all of my favourite bloggers talk about the box in their videos and posts - I felt like I had to have it so I would't feel left out. At the time, my blog was practically 90% focussed on beauty review so it seemed like the perfect service for me.

Glossybox is one of the most hyped up monthly beauty box services in the UK - they have fantastic presence on social media, have roped in the most popular beauty influencers, and collaborate with some fantastic beauty and skincare brands - names most of us would be familiar with. The box comes in at an affordable £10 (plus P&P which pushes the box to around £12/£13) and contains 5 beauty and skincare products, with the occasional 'freebie' 6th product in the form of a Glossybox branded item, or a tester.
Glossybox have had their share of good and bad boxes - there was a time when the brand tried to get away by putting in cheaper high street cosmetics and teeny tiny tester sized products. But as you know, the gang on social media is never quiet and their customers took to Facebook and Twitter to criticise the company for the service they were getting. This was quickly fixed and in the last couple of years Glossybox have been sending out products which are exciting, from luxurious brands - which justified the price of their box. I snapped my January Glossybox for this post and I received:

-Vitamasques Manuka Honey Sheet Mask (£3.99)
- Nip & Fab Kale Moisturiser (£19.95 for 50ml)
- Unani Milk Cleanser (prices vary online but around £12)
- theBalm Eye Shadow from Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette (£39 for full size palette with 9 shades)
- True Organics of Sweden All You Need Is Me Cream (£17.40)

Although the Kale moisturiser and the eyeshadow are smaller version of the real deal, if you look at the full sized products they already amount to around £33 - which means you got a bargain. Price of the products aside, I think that beauty boxes are a brilliant way to discover new brands and try products which you wouldn't normally try. Whether it's a sheet mask, or a new type of facial cleanser, I find beauty boxes exciting for that reason in particular.

Also being a busy boss girl I don't always have the time to spend hours in shops looking for new beauty and skincare products to try. It helps to have a box land on your doorstep, look through the exciting items inside and then try them in the comfort of your own home. When I worked in an office, I didn't want to spend my lunchtimes shopping, and living in a small town shops close at 5pm or 5:30pm if you're lucky so then we're left with the weekend which I would rather spend with friends or family, eating delicious food or taking long walks in the countryside. That's just me, but I think these beauty boxes help when you have a busy schedule and forget to stock up on skincare/beauty essentials!

Best beauty boxes UK, Glossybox review, what are beauty boxes, UK beauty blog, Dalry Rose blog

I have listed the reasons why I like beauty boxes, but there are a couple of cons which you need to know about:
Although you fill in a beauty profile with Glossybox, the boxes aren't customised. I often get nail polishes, lipsticks and eye shadows in shades which I would never in my life wear. For example the eyeshadow from January box is a maroon red shade and it's just not something I would wear - so as much as I want to love it, it's going to end up either in my friends makeup drawer, or at the bottom of mine.
When you're watching your money and forget that you get direct debited every month, you get angry when your bank account has £13 less than expected. That £13 could have gone on a lunch date with friends.
When a box is shit, it's really shit. This hasn't happened in a while but tester sizes and cheap makeup just kill the whole 'luxury beauty box' vibe.

I questioned why I needed a beauty box subscription service in my life, and decided that they are a fun way to keep my beauty and skincare drawers stocked up, keep me in the loo with new brands and products, and are a cost effective way enjoy a Sunday pamper session.
What do you think of beauty boxes? Do you receive one monthly? Would you ever consider signing up to one?


  1. Dooo you know what, I had never heard of them before! How bizarre seeing as they are a huge thing and I often read blogs. I'm glad I've heard of them now though cause I think it's something I would consider getting! Lovely post x

    Beckie xo || The Pale Tails

    1. They're brilliant! I think at the beginning there were ups and downs when it came to beauty boxes, but now they have got the products right it's a fun monthly treat! xo


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