22 January 2017

Why Sheet Masks Are Perfect For Boss Girls (and everyone else!)

Maskorea Instant Glow Mask Review, Maskorea sheet mask review, beauty bloggers UK, UK beauty blog

Sheet face masks have hit the beauty scene pretty hard in the last year - instead of looking like green aliens wondering around the house waiting for our clay masks to harden, we now look like ghosts or murderers chilling in an actual white cloth mask on our faces. But what are the benefits of sheet masks and are they any better than the methods we've been using for years?

Maskorea Instant Glow Mask Review, Maskorea sheet mask review, beauty bloggers UK, UK beauty blog
Maskorea Instant Glow Mask Review, Maskorea sheet mask review, beauty bloggers UK, UK beauty blog

I tried my first sheet mask about a year ago and posted a picture online - the response I received was that I genuinely looked like some sort of 'deformed creature'. Nice. But I enjoyed the experience because there was no mess and no fuss which came with the mask. So I was keen to try out more.

Now before I get into the brand I'm loving at the moment, I want to tell you why I think sheet masks are brilliant for boss girls and busy bees - because they are fuss and mess free. Sheet masks are a cloth soaked in a concoction of ingredients that help your skin one way or another, with perfectly cut holes for your eyes, nose and lips. You simply stick the sheet mask to your face and wait 10, 15, 30 minutes - however long the instructions say. You then peel the mask off and a lot of the time all you have to do is rinse skin and apply moisturiser. Now this is perfect for when you are travelling because sheet masks take up zero space in your bag; they are convenient because you can wonder around your house with the mask on and not have drippage or worries that you'll get goo everywhere; and they're so easy to apply that you can quickly whip a sheet mask on and carry on finishing projects before it's time to get ready for Friday night cocktails.

Maskorea is a UK brand created by two friends, one of whom used Korean sheet masks due to their practicality. Jenny and Jane quickly saw the potential: Jenny who was born in Korea travelled back and every time she was in Korea she stocked up on sheet masks to use whilst she was on tour as a violinist. After reading up on sheet masks and Korean skincare, they launched Maskorea in London with the help of a top sheet mask manufacturer in Korea. And their sheet masks come with a little somenthin' somethin'. 

Maskorea Instant Glow Mask Review, Maskorea sheet mask review, beauty bloggers UK, UK beauty blog

There is a variety of sheet mask brands on the market, all of which have different and enticing properties and promises - but what makes Maskorea stand out for me is their 3-step system. The sheet mask comes complete with a cleanser, the mask, and a moisturiser all in one packet, perfect for single use. So if you're going on a work trip away, are at an event,  you can simply take this one mask with you and have everything you need for a mini pamper session to make sure you're feeling and looking great!

I tried out the Instant Glow* sheet mask and the Too Many Late Nights* (love the name!) masks from Maskorea and I loved the process as well as the results. A gel cleanser foams up and cleanses your skin ready to apply the cloth which you leave on for 30minutes. You then simply remove the mask, and apply an evening moisturiser from the pack on top of the mask residue. I have to admit, this felt a little weird for me, I wanted to rinse my face to help it feel 'clean' but went with the instructions. Leave your skin regenerating over night and follow up with your usual morning routine.

The Too Many Late Nights mask is the perfect pick me up after a weekend/week of events (especially if you're attending press events where complimentary prosecco is just necessary!). I love to use this mask on Sunday nights - it helps my skin feel alive, bright and clear in time for Monday morning meetings with clients. But I absolutely love the Instant Glow mask which really brings my skin to life - perfect as a midweek treat to help skin battle with the effects of working in front of a computer, deal with late nights working to deadlines, and also stressed skin.
Maskorea receives extra kudos for not containing silicon, mineral oil, parabens, or artificial colourings. But most important of all is that Maskorea do not test on our animal friends, which in this day and age is just unnecessary.

Have you tried sheet masks? Do you think they are more convenient to use than bottled masks or clay masks? Which brand is your favourite? 


  1. I've never used a sheet mask but I'm definitely going to try one now!

    1. They're so handy! I thought they were weird at first but am now converted :) xo


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