15 February 2017

Smart Casual - How To Style The Cape

How to style a cape coat, UK fashion blog, fashion bloggers UK

The cape - an essential styling item for any Fashion Week around the world. Worn during the SS Fashion Weeks as those are displayed during the Winter, getting us ready for seasons ahead. Effortlessly draped over the shoulders of the likes of Anna Wintour, Kate Moss, Olivia Palermo - the list goes on. But how can we translate the picture perfect cape outfits we see on Pinterest into every day wear suitable for your average woman?

How to style a cape coat, UK fashion blog, fashion bloggers UK
How to style a cape coat, UK fashion blog, fashion bloggers UK
Cape* SheIn // turtleneck United Colours of Benetton // boyfriend jeans* F&F at Tesco // shoes* Moda In Pelle // bag Chanel // watch* Kartel // necklace Primark

The cape is an item which immediately resonates with superheroes. Superheroes = power, authority, strength = women in power, women in control. This look was inspired by power women who I work with in my digital business - strong willed, business focussed; but who also need to quickly get out of their power outfits and get comfy to face the school run. Which is why smart casual was the perfect solution, and smirk casual that can be quickly interchangeable.

I paired this black cape - which as you can see I haven't ironed as that is my pet hate, and rule number one is ALWAYS IRON clothes which have been folded for a little while - with a turtleneck jumper, boyfriend style jeans, and classic accessories. This look is what I would wear to the office, in my own environment where I can get away with jeans. I take off the cape when I arrive, and look casual with a glam twist - this comes from the timeless accessories and a little bit of shine on my feet. By the way, never undermine the power of a good shoe! I recently went to a network event and wore these shoes - they were the stars of the show, even though I was sitting at a table for most of the night!

Now to turn this outfit into one that is perfect for a casual and comfortable occasion simply swap the heels for nude sneakers, preferably in leather, take off the cape and put on a leather jacket - oh, that's pretty much it! You're ready to run around the shop to find something for dinner, grab the kids from school on your way home, and then straight into getting on with the rest of the day. It's all about having outfits that can be changed up quickly and efficiently.

How to style a cape coat, UK fashion blog, fashion bloggers UK

I am loving this outfit, and if I can make it to London Fashion Week next week (schedule permitting) this will be one of the outfits I wear.
What do you think of the cape? Would you wear something like this to work/meetings/evening drinks? Or do you think the cape belongs on the cobbles of Somerset House? Leave your comments below - I'd love to know how you would style the cape!



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  1. This outfit is gorgeous, definitely worthy of LFW xx


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