16 February 2017

Ways To Tackle Tired Eyes

How to help tired eyes, soothe tired eyes, uk lifestyle blog

Can I have a show of hands - how many people suffer from sore, tired eyes as a result of our current working life? You know that feeling like you've got an eyelash stuck in your eye? And it hurts to blink? And by the end of the day you just can't cope anymore?
Because we work with technology, and socialise with technology, and generally live our lives in front of the computer screens our eyes get pretty knackered during the day. Not to mention long hours, not enough sleep, early mornings and late nights, makeup (some days the thought of removing my makeup with swiping action is just too much). Tired eyes are a problem - and I've been thinking of ways to overcome it, and keep eyes bright throughout the day.

One way to ensure that your eyes aren't overworked throughout the day is to remove yourself from the screen, go to a quiet place and exercise your eyes. Yes, you read that right - exercise your eyes.
I learnt about this trick a couple of years ago during a weekend at a yoga retreat (read about the Laughing Buddha yoga retreat) where we were taught tips and hints on how to make more time during the day to spend on mindfulness and ensure your body gets the break it deserves.

- Make circles with your eyes, 5 times to the right then 5 times to the left
- Look up and down with your eyes, 5 times
- Look left to right with your eyes, 5 times
- Move your eyes to the figure of 8, you guessed it - 5 times!

Finish the exercise by closing your eyes for 60 seconds and relax your mind, think of what you want to achieve from today. I promise you this will help refresh your eyes and focus your mind!

How to help tired eyes, soothe tired eyes, uk lifestyle blog

To banish dark circles under your eyes and help reduce puffiness, I use the TheraPearl* eye mask which you can heat up or cool down. Pop it in the fridge overnight and place over eyes in the morning for 15 minutes to help eyes wake up and look fresh. Or when I have a bit of a headache, I warm the  eye mask in the microwave for about 15 seconds and place over my eyes. This really helps migraines and feels really relaxing. In fact, I think I'm going to have a little TheraPearl session after writing this post!
What I also like about this product is that you can use it after an eyebrow wax/threading - cool it in the freezer for about 2hrs, place over your eyes/eyebrows and relax for half an hour whilst the mask does it's magic! Bye bye sting and redness! No more sacrifices in the name of beauty...

How to help tired eyes, soothe tired eyes, uk lifestyle blog

I am not a huge fan of putting things into my eyes - I could never brave coloured contacts, and the only time I put drops into my eyes is if I ever have an infection - so this product for me a bit 50/50. The BioTrue* rewetting eye drops are designed to soothe and refresh dry and tired eyes, and come in a handy bottle which is easy to use on the go or in the office. These drops can be used whilst wearing lenses, and can also be used as often as you need!
These drops help with eyes which feel a little irritated and dry - I get this when I'm using my laptop for the whole day. I love how convenient the drops are, my only issue with them is that personally I hate things in my eyes so the experience of using the drops is unpleasant, but the soothing effect after the 'procedure' is relieving.

How to help tired eyes, soothe tired eyes, uk lifestyle blog

And finally, an easy trick to helping soothe eyes and reduce the tired look - put your favourite eye cream into the fridge so when you apply it in the morning your eyes will feel away, and in the evening the cold effect will help soothe tired eyes! I've been using the Embryolisse Radiant Eye* roll on which is so easy to use and cools really well!

These have been my ways of tackling tired eyes for the past couple of months. Although sometimes it's hard to keep up with tired eyes during office hours, you can help wake up your eyes in the morning, and wind them down in the evening before you go to bed.

What are your tips on helping tired eyes? Do you have a go-to trick which is guaranteed to work? Comment below!

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  1. Is it weird that I just did the eye exercises at my desk? xx


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