4 March 2017

Pink Frills

How to wear frills, UK fashion blog, style blog

I'm really excited to share this outfit post with you because I love the dress - it's got frills, it's very feminine, and makes me feel great when I wear it. Yes, it's clingy - but I've learnt that I have lumps and bumps, they make me who I am and this is the way my body has developed. So I'm over crying about how my stomach doesn't resemble an ironing board, and how my thighs could definitely loose an inch or two off them. I'm embracing the curves that make me - me.

How to wear frills, UK fashion blog, style blog
How to wear frills, UK fashion blog, style blog
what i'm wearing: dress with frills* SheIn // wool gillet Zara // shoes* Moda in Pelle // chocker Next // watch* Kartel Watches

One of the reasons I love this dress is because it reminds me of my all time role model - Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. I remember the first time I saw that film, I felt so empowered and comfortable in embracing being a girly girl without feeling bad about it. I'm blonde, I'm giggly, I love dusty pink - hey, that's just me. But every day in my adult life I am still faced with someone who won't take me seriously because I'm blonde, I'm giggly, and I wear dusty pink. But I'm kind of over it - if my intelligence, seriousness or career drive is questioned by someone who thinks the above points are of any importance, I would just simply rather not get involved with them.

I have spoken to many women who feel like they have to dress in a certain way because they're afraid colours like pink will make people think less of them. Or dye their hair because blondes are 'stupid'. It really baffles me when I have these conversations with women - and all I can think is what other people think should never define you, or stop you from being you.

If you love pink, you should go for it. If you love camo print, you rock those camo print trousers. If you love all black everything - good for you! Basically, it's time for people to stop bracketing themselves and wearing/doing/being what they like.

How to wear frills, UK fashion blog, style blog
How to wear frills, UK fashion blog, style blog

So as you can see, a piece of clothing can mean a lot more to a person than simply an item to wear - it can bring out confidence, make us feel like we are the best versions of ourselves, help us love our bodies. Style plays an important part in our lives - it immediately talks to others, before you do. A band t-shirt tells me you love rock music; or are a victim of the latest high street trend. A black beat up leather jacket makes me think you like a little bit of adventure, and you have an edge. A bodycon dress makes me think you embrace your body, whatever shape and size it is.

How to wear frills, UK fashion blog, style blog

I love wearing this dress with an oversized wool gillet, and a pair of metallic pointed toe heels which make my legs look longer. The frills on the top of the dress help me balance out my hips, and I love the material which is a soft faux suede. You can also team this dress with a loose knitwear jumper, leather jacket, and metallic pumps to turn this into a casual outfit for the day!


  1. Wow you look incredible! it's mad to think people feel like they have to change their appearance to be accepted. xx

    1. Thank you Eloise! Yes, sadly it happens all the time - and I see more women who feel like they need to dress 'masculine' in order to be taken seriously, even if they love wearing more 'girly' clothes! xx


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