28 April 2017

Guilt Free Snacking

Wellaby's Simple Bakes review, uk food blog, uk lifestyle blog

We're a nation of snackers - who doesn't love a cheeky packet of their favourite crisps, or a bar of chocolate if you have a sweeter tooth, to go with your lunch or as a quick bite on your way somewhere. I indulge in snacks during picnics with friends, movie nights - especially if I'm on my own - secret snacking at its worst! My favourite snacks are crisps, nachos with dips, chocolate when I'm feeling like something sweet - but all these snacks contain so much salt, sugar, artificial colours and flavourings. These aren't good for us which is why new brands are emerging every day and promise to deliver tasty snacks without any of the nasty stuff in them.

When I was given the opportunity to review Wellaby's Simple Bakes as a guilt free snacking option, I was really interested as to how the compare to my favourite greasy and salty potato crisps - I have struggled to find something that tastes great and yet is 'healthy'.

Wellaby's Simple Bakes are a wholegrain snack which is free from most common allergens like gluten, dairy, eggs, and nuts. The snacks are non GMO, cholesterol free, contain no preservatives, or artificial colours and flavourings. On top of that, they are less than 100 calories per serving and have 70% less fat than leading potato crisps - good to know!

Wellaby's Simple Bakes review, uk food blog, uk lifestyle blog
Wellaby's Simple Bakes review, uk food blog, uk lifestyle blog

With three flavours available (Sea Salt & Pepper; Spicy Chilly; Smoky BBQ) Wellaby's Simple Bakes make a great snack to take to picnics - when I made a mezze snack board for friends and family for dinner one night, the snacks went down really well and everyone enjoyed the taste and texture of these little bakes; and I indulged in a couple of servings (seriously, who sticks to one serving??! Is it just me that goes overboard?) during movie night - I have to say these snacks are quite filling so you actually don't feel hungry for a while after which is great as it stops you snacking even more.

This is a great alternative for those who need to stay away from gluten or have dairy intolerance - without compromising the taste or texture! What do you think of Wellaby's Simple Bakes? Would you give them a go?

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