2 April 2017

Why You Need To Have A Break

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We're all very good at ploughing through workloads and deadlines, staying up until late hours of the night to finish projects, reply to emails as soon as they land in our inbox, and intimately driving ourselves insane. But I want to talk about why it's important to take a break - even when you have deadlines and projects looming over you.

Last week I had a crazy busy week - it was the end of the month and I needed to finalise projects, invoice clients, plan the next month, book new projects, and market my businesses. I then looked at my diary and saw that this coming week is also fully booked up - fist bump moment! But I also felt like my creativity was suffering and I wasn't in the right headspace, and that doesn't help anyone in the creative industry or their clients. So I decided that I had two choices - I could either help my workload next week and work over the weekend, or I can take two days completely off, switch off, spend some time on myself and then smash it next week. I decided to go for the latter.

When you get tired and overworked, your brain genuinely stops performing at its best and you can't produce results which you (and ultimately your clients) will be happy with - which is why clever bosses know the importance of giving their staff time off. As I am my own boss, I need to keep an eye not inly on my businesses but also on myself - because I don't have a back up team who can help me if I'm not feeling great (and as a personal stylist, I also need to look good and healthy!).

So I switched off from Friday night and spend the weekend evenings enjoying a couple of glasses of rose wine (OK it was more than a couple but who's counting?!) and caught up with friends and family; I decided to treat myself and boost my mood with a session at Leah's Beauty & Makeup where I got eyelash extensions which I am absolutely in love with (more on them in an upcoming post!); and I cashed in my gift voucher for an at home aromatherapy massage with Desora Mobile Beauty for a truly relaxing end to the weekend. I also spent time outdoors, taking Harvey on long walks and runs; and making a start on my garden - which may as well be a forest with all the overgrown weeds right now!
So as you can see, I totally indulged in down time this weekend. I was even more absent from social media than I usually am - because I really needed a break.

By taking time doing what makes our souls happy, and temporarily switching off our brains, we can come back to work feeling refreshed, happy, confident, and full on new ideas. I genuinely feel happier after taking my weekend break, and I'm excited to get to the studio tomorrow early morning to put this happiness into my projects!

Here are my top tips for taking a break from work, and re-energising:

1. Enjoy your weekends. Try to take at least one day off a week during which you relax and spend your time doing things you love - not working!

2. Arrange to see your friends for dinner - you'll have so much to catch up on your brain will focus on taking in new information, not worrying about work projects.

3. Go for a walk or run in your favourite place outdoors - being in the fresh air will help you relax and focus on fresh, new ideas.

4. Listen to a podcast, watch TV or read a book - it helps to have a story to follow when you want to switch off. My guilty pleasure is binge watching TV dramas or documentaries! Or if you love a podcast my current favourites are: Lore (supernatural), Unexplained (supernatural), and Goal Digger Podcast (girl boss vibes!).

5. Pamper yourself - make yourself feel good with a facial, a massage, getting your nails done. Whatever it is, take some time to treat yourself and look great on Monday!

6. Cooking is my downtime. Genuinely love spending time in my kitchen after a busy day of work - creating new dishes, or following recipes I'm focussed on the food, not any dramas.

7. Exercise - makes you feel good by releasing endorphins and you'll be less stressed and more healthily tired. I love going for a run in the countryside, hiking, yoga, and HiiT training!

8. Practice mindfulness. I get ya, it's hard to focus sometimes but the more you practice the better you become and honestly mindfulness is a brilliant way to take a break from anything. Focus on the present - not the future or past - and just be still in the moment. It's amazing.

I'd love to hear your tips on how you relax and what you do to get the creative juices flowing again! Leave me a comment and let's get the conversation going!


  1. Taking note of number 7 tonight and going for a run! xx

    1. Yes! I've been getting into running again - love it, but my love handles hurt :') xo


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