30 October 2017

A Quick Guide To Good Lookin' Vitamins

LQ Liquid Health Skin Hair and Nails review, Hampshire lifestyle blog, beauty bloggers UK

Hands up if you're rubbish at taking your daily vitamins! *I'm manically waving my hand in the air right now* Vitamins are just something I've never gotten used to: from my mum trying to feed them to me when I was a child, to being a grown ass woman who knows I need supplements to help me lead a healthy and energetic life, I tend to forget about them and never make them a priority in my life. But vitamins are so important to us! There has been countless research to prove that vitamins do actually make a difference to our every day health and wellbeing.

LQ Liquid Health Skin Hair and Nails review, Hampshire lifestyle blog, beauty bloggers UK

Vitamins can also help us not only feel our best, but also look our best. For example: Vitamin E is an important vitamin required for proper function of many organs in our body, including skin. So intake of vitamin E can help your skin glow, stay clear and bright, and has anti ageing properties. And vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation - meaning there's less wrinkles, skin is less tight, and stays younger for longer.

One of the reasons I hate taking vitamins is because I hate swallowing tablets. I'm constantly paranoid I'm going to choke and get so stressed out about choking that I actually do! So counter productive, I know - but I can't help it. So when I was asked to review LQ Liquid Health supplements for Skin, Hair & Nails I was intrigued as these vitamins come in a liquid shot - no swallowing of tablets required! And these vitamin shots contain all the essential vitamins and supplements for beautiful looking skin, hair and nails - it's very self explanatory. They include the essential vitamin E and C, but also a whole array of other necessary elements like:

Liquid Marine Collagen (PEPTAN®):
Peptan® is a high quality liquid marine collagen and contains more than 97 percent protein - WOW. It's easily digested and is a high-quality source of collagen - which we know is great for our skin.

Resveratrol is a compound found in the skin of grapes and some other plants and fruits. Apparently, it's responsible for the health benefits related to red wine - yes, thank me later, but red win is actually good for you when consumed responsibly!

Glucosamine is a natural component of healthy cartilage in the body - this is not only good to keep you looking beautiful, but also good for your joints too. 

Hyaluronic Acid
If you ever had problems with your skin like I did, you will know Hyaluronic acid. It is amazing at hydrating skin, and has been quickly making it's way into more skincare products on the high street. Fun fact for you: did you know our bodies contain 15 grams of HA naturally? But as we age, we produce less of this compound and by our 40's we will be producing nearly half of the HA we need - this means skin wrinkles, and hair thins. Yikes.

Silicon & Selenium
Both of these elements are essential for the upkeep of healthy skin, hair and nails. 

Biotin (Vitamin B7)
This is also known as vitamin H and is an important component of enzymes in the body which break down fats, carbohydrates, and other substances. Symptoms associated with a biotin deficiency include hair loss and dry or scaling skin. As we only get a small amount of what we need from consuming foods, giving it a top up with vitamins is essential. 

LQ Liquid Health Skin Hair and Nails review, Hampshire lifestyle blog, beauty bloggers UK

Now the science part is over and we know exactly what goes into an LQ Liquid Health shot for Skin, Hair & Nails, does it actually make a difference?

I have trialled a months supply of the liquid shots and have found them super easy and pleasant to use. I kept my vitamins on the kitchen side so with my morning glass of water and coffee, I always remembered to take a shot. Because I didn't have to swallow a pill I was much more inclined to actually consume the vitamins - and they tasted alright! A little tangy but I got used to them pretty quickly. I don't know if this is related to the vitamins, but during the first week of use I did have a break out and my skin was looking less than perfect. However this cleared up within a week, and my fiancé commented saying my skin was looking really clear and bright - something he'd noticed after two weeks of me taking the supplements. I didn't notice a huge difference in my hair and nails which I try to keep in the best shape possible, but what I did notice is that I was more energetic and more alert day to day! And of course that my skin was looking pretty damn good.

LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair & Nails is a little pricey at nearly £30 for 10 bottles (that's 10 days worth of vitamins) which to be honest is out of my budget range if I wan't to take vitamins consistently. However I really loved the concept of liquid shot vitamins, and the results were noticeable so I would recommend the vitamins to anyone who can afford to spend nearly £90 per month on their vitamins of choice. But then again, you can't put a price on health, can you?

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