28 February 2017

Style Watch: Denim And Leather

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Denim and leather: mixed these materials are typically associated with youngsters and rock stars. And then if you throw rips into the mix? Surely that's not an outfit you'd be comfortable wearing as a respectable business woman? You're wrong. 

27 February 2017

Keep It Healthy At Lunch With Mr Lee's Noodles

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It's hard to keep away from quick lunches (and dinners) when you have a busy schedule. We all have the greatest motivation to grab a salad for lunch, or even better MAKE a packed lunch which will be healthy and money saving. But the reality is, it's much easier to grab a sandwich or a pot of noodles to eat on the go - and with the convenience, comes a whole bunch of nasties.

17 February 2017

Why I Love Working In The Countryside

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I work in an industry that thrives within cities - digital media never sleeps, always looking for the next big thing in marketing, needing a stack of Instagram worthy photos from the hippest bars/shops/art displays. The best fashion and street style is displayed on the streets of London, there's no doubt.
I have tried living in a city for years, but it just wasn't for me. I ended up feeling really anxious, overworked, partied out and believe it or not even though I was constantly around people I felt really lonely. So I left all that behind and moved back to a quiet town, with a house just on the edge of the countryside, friendly neighbours and childhood friends just 5 minutes down the road from me. But is the decision to carry on with a career in a) digital marketing, b) fashion realistic when you're happier spending time in fields walking dogs and socialising with farm animals?

16 February 2017

Ways To Tackle Tired Eyes

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Can I have a show of hands - how many people suffer from sore, tired eyes as a result of our current working life? You know that feeling like you've got an eyelash stuck in your eye? And it hurts to blink? And by the end of the day you just can't cope anymore?
Because we work with technology, and socialise with technology, and generally live our lives in front of the computer screens our eyes get pretty knackered during the day. Not to mention long hours, not enough sleep, early mornings and late nights, makeup (some days the thought of removing my makeup with swiping action is just too much). Tired eyes are a problem - and I've been thinking of ways to overcome it, and keep eyes bright throughout the day.

15 February 2017

Smart Casual - How To Style The Cape

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The cape - an essential styling item for any Fashion Week around the world. Worn during the SS Fashion Weeks as those are displayed during the Winter, getting us ready for seasons ahead. Effortlessly draped over the shoulders of the likes of Anna Wintour, Kate Moss, Olivia Palermo - the list goes on. But how can we translate the picture perfect cape outfits we see on Pinterest into every day wear suitable for your average woman?

7 February 2017

Girl Boss Reads - Inspiring Books

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One thing I have found when working from home a lot, is a sporadic lack of motivation and inspiration. Being surrounded by your own company 9-5 can sometimes be a little daunting when it comes to bouncing ideas off colleagues that usually sit next to you in an office environment. 
I have found several ways to keep creative and inspired whilst building my business from home: podcasts, books, networking, and social media. But today I want to focus on books. 

Motivational books for girl bosses, lifestyle blog, Dalry Rose blog

In particular, 5 books which have been on my home office desk since I started my own business in November 2016 - and the books I reach for when I need a break from staring at the computer screen. Reading stories by women who have been successful in their ventures is one of my favourite things to do - whether it's articles on the internet, or paperback books. I can't cope with books on a Kindle or an e-reader - paperback will never go out of style.

A lot of us entrepreneurs and new business owners have no idea what we're doing when it comes to building a business - we're fab at the 'labour' that we do, or the product that we sell - but what about the business journey? The struggles? What is to be expected when you're building an empire? Reading about the experience of other women, from a variety of backgrounds and industries gives me hope and inspiration. The first book I bought for my 'inspirational women' collection was Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook. I actually bought it whilst I was waiting for my interview for my first creative agency - and got hooked. Sheryls journey of smashing through the glass ceiling which many women encounter at the workplace made me proud to be a career-driven female. All at once it is empowering, surprising, and inspiring. Definitely one for the marketeer ladies who are going up against corporates, and who's favourite position is CEO.

My fiancé then bought me the #GirlBoss book - which believe it or not I couldn't even afford at the time. I have spent all my money that month on trying to set up my own vintage and handmade clothing brand. I had big plans for it, and wanted to know all about the journey of Sophia Amoruso, the CEO of Nasty Gal, who started her boss girl journey by selling vintage clothes on eBay - and raking in the cash. Her journey from zero to hero is both inspiring, funny, and you end up rooting for her because at the beginning you can really relate to the girl who sits bored at her desk, in front of a screen, and spends her days on the internet. It's safe to say my clothing brand didn't take off, I realised I wasn't quite ready financially or time wise to meddle in the industry of clothing retail. But, I learnt a lot from the #GirlBoss book.

Motivational books for girl bosses, lifestyle blog, Dalry Rose blog

Mt next inspiring book yet again came from my fiancé - who's been really supportive of my journey, and not once gave me a reason to doubt myself. Even when I graced him with the news that I wanted to leave my stable, well paid job. Find Your Extraordinary was written by Jessica Herrin, the CEO of Stella and Dot, and talks about the journey of building a career you love and are truly passionate about, as well as keeping a good work to life balance. I haven't read much of the book yet as I was finishing another, but I'm really looking forward to reading about the work/life dilemma as I think many of us start our own businesses because we want a better balance. Whether it's because you want to spend more time with your family, travel whilst you work, or had previous troubles with working an office 9-5 due to health problems, in an ideal world we all want a more flexible schedule.

One book that I actually pre-ordered was The Million Dollar Blog by Natasha Courtenay-Smith - I was so excited for this read. This book features interviews by some of the worlds leading bloggers, and shows your the behind the scenes of the blogging world. And it takes the reader on their own journey - from interviews by bloggers who make $$$$$$$$$ to talking about strategies on how to further your small business through blogging, this book is relatable. It's no all about the multi-billion Instagram industry, but down to earth hacks on how to make your blog work for you. For me this is a great read, because it was my blog which helped me set up my own business through incredible opportunities and the people I met on my journey. So I have everything to owe to my little space on the internet.

Finally, Bloom by Estee Lalonde. Because as a blogger, you just have to. I watched Estee when I first started blogging and I loved how down to earth she was. Plus, she always picked the best skincare items! It's been fantastic to see her brand grow up and turn into a successful business - and I really wanted to read her story. This is another book which I haven't read through to the end, but so far it's been a lovely book to read with a cup of tea in hand and ideas of a future you want to build in your head.

These are the 5 books which are essential for me right now to keep my mind inspired, creative and forward thinking. Have you read any of these books? Can you recommend a book that gets you inspired? Comment below!

6 February 2017

Valentines Day Blooms - Cliche, or a Grand Gesture?

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With Valentines Day just around the corner, everyone is thinking of grand romantic gestures to present to their other half. From looking at ridiculously expensive restaurants, to rose gold watches, rings from Tiffany's, and chocolates costing the same as a Sierra Leone diamond - what does a grand gesture mean to you?
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