22 March 2018

Where Is The Balance?

Balance by Dalry Rose Blog, fashion blog, Hampshire blog, style blog UK

Let's talk about balance. We're taught about balance in our habits, food, lifestyle from all angles of the media - but does anybody ever get it right? Many brands are focussing their themes on taking it slow and prioritising your life and wellbeing in 2018 - but when everything is so fast paced, is it achievable?
A couple of years ago I left my 9-5 job to become freelance so I could put all my energy working on projects I love and feel passionate about; and also to have a more balanced life. But as an energetic and ambitious person, I like to spend a lot of time on my client projects achieving as close to perfection as physically possible; often I work late at night and on weekends. Basically until I'm dragged away from my laptop - anyone else with me?

Balance by Dalry Rose Blog, fashion blog, Hampshire blog, style blog UK
Balance by Dalry Rose Blog, fashion blog, Hampshire blog, style blog UK

On social media it's easy to portray a great balance between your work and your life - because on social platforms we live our best lives. Which is why we should never compare or put ourselves down about what we see on Instagram! I often wonder how many of the people I follow actually lead the life they post about on Instagram... Which is why recently I did a little bit of a cull and stayed connected with honest, raw people who share their business stories and their lives.

Occasionally I will post a behind the scenes photo or Instastory which I think is a little boring, like update on work at midnight, but my audience connects because they can see what happens behind the 'gram and what being freelance is actually like: expectation is sipping on a coconut whilst working in a digital hub in Maldives; reality is pretty different from that. For most of us anyway ;)

With that in mind, I'm trying to make changes and live my best life not just online - but also IRL, and that means worker smarted and making myself take a break. Which again is tricky for a freelancer because luxuries like paid holidays, sick days, and pension goes out the window - byyye! But then again, somedays I work in PJ's from the comfort of my couch - balance, right?

Balance by Dalry Rose Blog, fashion blog, Hampshire blog, style blog UK

Taking a break for me this year means:

1. Go away. Whether it's a long weekend or an occasional week I'm making a point to explore more places near and far. Three places on my list this year that I want to make happen are: Paris; Ireland; Spain (again!). And I will take a weekend break in Wales or Scotland any day.

2. Set myself realistic deadlines. It's natural that everyone wants projects completed quickly, but you can't rush perfection. And in between make sure I have time to spend on creative development and inspiration gathering.

3. Learning to put myself first. It's one thing to help each other out from time to time, but I'm not volunteering myself to become a martyr for those around me.

4. Take up a new hobby that doesn't have anything to do with my day to day tasks: painting, learning a new language, and jewellery making has been on my list for a long time. Or maybe taking up fashion design and making again? I mean some of the things I made and worn were pretty great!

By making tiny little changes to my everyday life I am making 2018 a year where I master balance in areas like work and health. Like I will carry on eating healthy throughout the week and maybe stop having a glass of wine with my meals BUT on Friday as far as I'm concerned it's a free for all (hello McDonalds and a nice Merlot!).

What do you think about creating balance in your life? How do you do it? What do you think you could do better?

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