2 April 2018

Dreams & Schemes: Making It Happen

Well, 2018 - it's just the beginning but boy has this year been a ride! Both emotionally and career wise it feels like since January 1st things have been non-stop and developing at the speed of light. After a long weekend here in the UK, I'm feeling refreshed and full of new ideas to bring to my business - long weekends and breaks away work wonders, especially if you don't really have any time to stop, think, and recalibrate.

My digital and creative media business, Dalry Rose Digital, has been doing great, and this year I have already worked with 4 new Hampshire businesses on exciting projects; hosted 3 social media talks in Hampshire; and trained more individuals on how to take control of their brand accounts on social media. But it's not just Hampshire and surrounding areas - I have worked and trained brands and individuals overseas too, namely Spain and the US, which was super fun! I'm hoping to take a week away from the business and recharge mid-April, but with days filling up week by week I may have to push my mini break until the next month. And there's always summer, right? Lighter evenings, more opportunity to explore in the sunshine - so I'm not too sad about working my bottom off whilst it's raining outside and prepping for a slightly more leisurely summer. But as I have always said, right now my business comes first.

Dalry Rose Blog has been a little on the back burner - I'm sorry everyone! I do try and post as much as I can and I have some exciting reviews and trip posts coming your way, but as a lot of bloggers know for many of us our actual blog doesn't pay the bills - which is why client work will always comes first. I'm very lucky to work with brands and PR's who understand that. Something I found very useful when working with new brands is to send them my media kit which clearly states my review rules and rates card. I've got an exciting stack of beauty essentials and some snazzy new clothing items to share with you which I'm hoping to shoot and write about soon - but most of you prefer to follow me on Instagram anyway, which is where you get a sneak peek at everything!

If you have been reading Dalry Rose Blog for some time (I know some of you were with me from the very beginning of FashionFake!! Thank you!!!) you will notice that the blog is evolving and the topics I talk about are maturing with me. I sometimes look back at when the blog first started, where my journey first started, and I think "Jeez, I changed a lot since then." We all change, our likes and dislikes, our feelings, our mindset, our taste, our style - it's the process of personal evolution and growth. And it can be very exciting.

what I'm wearing: SheIn* pearl beaded top // bag Chanel // boots Zara // jewellery TKMaxx // watch* Kartel

Lastly, but definitely not the least, Dalry Rose Styling is the third branch of the tiny but mighty Dalry Rose empire (to be!). I worked with some great clients in 2017, and already have been asked to style some gorgeous gals around Hampshire which I'll be contacting to book in with me this spring. I haven't done any marketing for the business for a loooong time *slap on the wrist* because the digital media business is the big dog in my life, but because I love style, fashion, and making women feel great I want to keep my styling business afloat - and thankfully I'm pretty great at organic SEO so my website is easily found for those who are in need of my services.

So 2018, come at me. I'm super excited to see how the rest of the year plays out - I have so many ideas and energy to throw at it, and as a strong believer in karma and the power of the universe I hope that this energy will bloom into something even bigger and better for 2019. But, as I have mentioned in my previous blog posts - I need to learn how to take a break, relax, and refuel; because even after 4 days away from my e-mails and content work I feel like a completely refreshed person.

*Some of the items worn in this post have been gifted by SheIn for collaboration purposes.

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