7 May 2018

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Know Cosmetics, UK beauty blog

 You know all those everyday beauty challenges we come up against? Like trying to get the perfect arch on your brows (and get them to look the same but I think that's asking too much...); getting rid of late night shadows under the eyes; or trying to get your lips to look nice and plump? Introducing Know Cosmetics - the makeup brand which claims to have the answers to our most common beauty challenges.

Know Cosmetics have created a range of makeup essentials to help tackle everyday makeup challenges - this includes covering dark shadows, creating the perfect brow, and tamed lips. I put the range to the test - talking of tests, I was very pleased to find out that Know Cosmetics do not test their makeup on animals.

Know Cosmetics, UK beauty blog
Know Cosmetics, UK beauty blog

I have previously reviewed No Dark Shadows which is a waterproof complexion enhancer (read my tips on how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes here). I use this concealer over my foundation to wake up tired eyes, and brighten up my complexion. It lasts on my skin from morning until evening, sometimes when it's been a very active day I may need to quickly top up before heading out for the evening. It is a very light concealer yet has great coverage - perfect for summer days.

My absolute favourite product has been No Bare Brows - the universal brow taming kit which has invisible wax, colour brow pencil, shaping brush and sharpener. It's one of the prettiest makeup products with hints of rose gold and black and white edges. But of course the reason why I love this so much is because it is so easy to use when shaping and filling in brows. I use the invisible wax to shape my brows, then lightly fill them with the pencil - to get thinner lines on the outer edges I ensure the pencil is super sharp. It's been my go-to product when it comes to brows!

Know Cosmetics, UK beauty blog
Know Cosmetics, UK beauty blog

When it comes to lips, I like the full natural look - nude colours and lip plumpers. No Bleeding Lips is an invisible lip pencil which has been featured in the UK press. It is very versatile as you can use this with any lipstick or lipgloss - the pencil prevents bleeding and feathering.
Top your lips with No Thin Lips for a plump effect - you will feel a little sting when you apply this product, this is how it start to work on making lips look fuller. I absolutely love it and carry it around in my bag to apply as and when needed! It contains Aloe and Vitamin E which helps keep lips soft throughout wear.

Know Cosmetics gets a thumbs up from me - with clever makeup products, these guys have sussed the most common beauty challenges and have given us a solution for them!

Find out more about Know Cosmetics:Visit their website
Shop the items here: Visit the Superdrug website

*Some of the items in this post have been gifted by Know Cosmetics for review purposes.

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