22 May 2018

Summer Days & Nights

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It finally feels like summer  here in the UK: sunny skies, warm nights, trips to the beach, al fresco dining... all of my favourite things! I also find it a lot easier to style outfits in the summer - although I love feeling cosy during winter nights in big sweaters and leggings, I find that usually my favourite and the warmest sweaters are years old and bobbly; or I simply wear a fleece! Hardly the height of fashion, but there's nothing worse than being cold. Which is why I'm super excited about (and possibly have been spending a little too much on) summer fashion.

Dalry Rose Blog, fashion blog, hampshire bloggers
Dalry Rose Blog, fashion blog, hampshire bloggers

It's so easy to throw on a wrap dress and a pair of sandals when the weather is hot - add minimal accessories and a pair of your favourite sunglasses and you're ready to go! This is usually my go to daytime look - perfect for a walk around towns, or hitting the beach. I have loved discovering new beaches around Hampshire recently - West Wittering is a lovely quieter beach for a BBQ or a swim! There is also a fish and chips stand which is brilliant because nothing beats a yummy cod and chips with a lemon wedge whilst listening to the ocean and enjoying the sea breeze.... By the beach you will also find a row of multicoloured beach huts which are perfect as a backdrop to your Instagram snap! If you're after a beach with more activities, then Bournemouth and Brighton are great places to visit. If you're in Brighton, watch out for a little stall selling fresh seafood like oysters, whelks, crab, lobster.... you have to stop and grab necessities for a beach feast!

Dalry Rose Blog, fashion blog, hampshire bloggers

But beaches aren't only for day trips - one of the most beautiful things you will see is a beach sunset when the weather is clear. We drove down to Bournemouth beach one evening to walk along the Boscombe to Bournemouth beach path and saw a beautiful pink sunset. I wore a loose fit t-shirt and flared jeans for a relaxed '70s vibe and because it can get a little chilly in the evenings.

I prefer wearing jeans or trousers in the evening, but it can be a faff getting changed throughout the day if you have two different occasions to go to. Which is why one of the solutions for a style dilemma like that is to re-use a jumpsuit or playsuit. 

Jumpsuits can be so versatile: wear in the day with sandals, sunglasses, loose wavy hair and statement jewellery; or with sneakers, leather jacket, and a strong ponytail; or style for an evening out by swapping sandals for heels, accessorising with your favourite classic sparkly jewellery items, and wearing your hair in a messy bun; OR introduce a baggy sweater over your jumpsuit and add espadrilles to relax on the beach by a fire pit! A favourite summer style of mine is the culotte jumpsuit which looks flattering styled in all of the above ways.

Dalry Rose Blog, fashion blog, hampshire bloggers
Dalry Rose Blog, fashion blog, hampshire bloggers

Summer has definitely boosted my mood and I have been feeling more energetic these past few weeks - it's like I'm solar powered, just give me sun and sea and I'm happy! Recently I've been looking at surf boards because I absolutely loved learning to surf in Croyde (read about that adventure here) - that activity makes my soul happy!

Do you get more excited about summer or winter? What is your favourite beach to visit during the warmer months?

This was a collaborative post but all writing/opinions are my own.

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