13 May 2018

Summer Evenings with Kvall Candles

Kvall Candles, Hampshire bloggers, lifestyle bloggers

If you enter my Hampshire home, you will always find candles burning - bringing warmth and my favourite scents in to the home. Fire is my element astrologically - it makes me feel energised and happy; it also helps keeping candles on when I'm working as I feel it fuels my creativity. In my kitchen I have an essential candles drawer which I stock up all the time - and upstairs in my office I keep some more special candles for those times when I need to wind down and relax. Anyone else have an essential candles drawer? I'd love to know it's not just me being a weirdo...

Kvall Candles, Hampshire bloggers, lifestyle bloggers
Kvall Candles, Hampshire bloggers, lifestyle bloggers

I was introduced to Kvall Candles over Instagram, and I was so excited to learn about these handmade eco friendly candles which are made just down the road in Winchester, Hampshire. I'm all about supporting local businesses and communities, so when I can I always shop from the brands operating around the area.

Kvall candle scents have been inspired by travels which I love because I'm getting serious wanderlust over here at the moment - and because I've been dying to go to Greece but sadly am struggling with my phobia of flying at the moment, I thought I'll bring a little bit of the Greek Islands to me with the Santorini Seaside candle from Kvall.

Kvall Candles, Hampshire bloggers, lifestyle bloggers

Santorini Seaside candle is scented with sage, fig and sea salt - all scents taken from the island. I like to light the candle, sit back with the sunshine on my face and a light breeze coming in, close my eyes and just empty my mind for a few minutes. It leaves the home smelling like summer: summer by the seaside. The scent is fresh and light, perfect for those who don't like overpowering smells in the home.

Kvall candles are made from eco-soya and are vegan friendly, which I think is impotent to know because when you're vegan you need to check everything!

I absolutely love the scent of this candle and will definitely be treating myself to Kvall candles when this one runs out - what scent will you be trying?

Find out more about Kvall Candles:Visit their website

*The Santorini Seaside candle in this post has been gifted by Kvall Candles for review purposes.

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