5 January 2020

6 Things To Do On Your 'Me' Day

FemmeLuxe Finery casual airport outfit

“The heart wants what it wants, and my heart wants jammies and me time.”
― Kat Helgeson

Let's talk about 'me' time. The time dedicated to focusing on your growth and nurturing - for some people it's a warm bath with candles, for others it's a run in the countryside, or some prefer to go on development courses and retreats. 'Me' time - or 'You' time - is so individual and it's doing what YOU love to do and what makes your soul happy.
1. Take a long bath & pamper.

There are a few ways I like to spend quality time with myself and one of those is the biggest cliche but that's a long hot bath with salts, bath bombs, and a good film to watch whilst I soak away. I know the bath is one of the only places I won't be disturbed so I take time to do this - almost daily! I also feel like taking a long bath washes away any worries and helps you feel refreshed - I swear it also helps when you're feeling sick. Something about the idea of washing away negativity and illness with water - you leave the bath feeling better and more pure. When there's a specific worry on my mind, or if I want to feel a certain way I'll drop in a crystal - like a rose quartz on the days when I need to feel more love towards myself, or a moonstone if I'm prepping for travelling or adventure!

2. Take yourself on a day out.

I LOVE this. I often take myself on days out when it's just me and I walk around browsing the shops, or visit a quiet village and have a mooch about, or simply go to a coffee shop and watch the world go by. I haven't quite got the chance to do an action packed activity day with myself but that is yet to come. When I lived in Bath, I used to spend whole days out exploring the city, eating lunch, going to galleries. It was wonderful! These days I pop to the local village shops to buy my favourite foods, stock off at the market to pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers, and grab a coffee to go as I mooch around!

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FemmeLuxe Finery casual wear outfit

3. Indulge in crap TV and junk food whilst in your PJ's.

I don't care who you are or what you do - we ALL love a day mooching in our PJ's and sometimes it's just necessary for our sanity. When you get a chance, get up and brush your teeth and hair, put on some clean PJ's or loungewear, fluffy socks, get a cosy blanket and set up camp in your living room. Make sure you stock up on your favourite snacks (be this junk food or cucumber strips with hummus - it's your day!) and get Netflix/Amazon Prime on the go. I LOVE TV series marathons, or watching a day of my favourite thriller/horror movies. If you have pets, that's a bonus as it's a day of snuggles!

4. Travel to a new place.

I'm not talking of needing to pop on a cute airport outfit and jet to an island far away - this could be a city, town or village a stone's throw away from where you live. Although I have to admit, this cute set from FemmeLuxe Finery is the perfect airport outfit if you are planning a holiday abroad. it's so comfy, and looks so cute! I have visited so many amazing places which are not too far from the village I live in: Glastonbury, Mudeford Spit, Lacock... Just to name a few!

FemmeLuxe Finery casual wear outfit
FemmeLuxe Finery casual airport outfit
FemmeLuxe Finery casual airport outfit
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5. Do something you've ALWAYS wanted to do.

We can do this one together. I have always wanted to drive to the beach, grab a surf board and have fun in the water for a day. Grab a fish and chips, sit on the sand and watch the sunset. Make a short video of the day. Feel free to just be for a while. What have you always wanted to do and haven't got the chance to yet? This is the year!

6. Play in the kitchen.

This is one of my most favourite things to do - I love cooking and pottering around in the kitchen, so when I have a day to myself I usually cook up a feats, prep meals to freeze, and then play. Last time I did this I made a whole batch of pickled tomatoes and cucumbers from an Abkhazian recipe so they tasted just like the ones from my childhood - I have never pickled before so this was an educational experience as well as a little bit of fun! I can't wait to do my next batch of pickles and perfect the techniques. What would you do if you had a day of play in the kitchen?

These are just some of my favourite things to do on a day when I need some 'me' time - I'd love to know what yours is? Could it be something I try next? 

*This post includes gifted items in partnership with FemmeLuxe. All views are my own.

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