4 January 2020

How To Find Inspiration By Slowing Down

Date nigh dress in polka dot by FemmeLuxe

“Those who are wise won't be busy, and those who are too busy can't be wise.”

― Lin Yutang

I've spent 90% of my time last year replying to a simple 'How are you?' with 'I'm just so busy, I cannot think.' Now people always say it's good to be busy - but there's a difference between busyness and productiveness. I aim to be the latter.

Being productive means getting it done and owning your schedule whereas being busy felt like I was chasing my own tail most of the time, rarely achieving deadlines or crossing to-do's off my list. What I was left with was an endless task list, and little inspiration to keep me going. So I have decided to try something new - slowing down to be more productive. Sounds kinda weird though, right?

Date nigh dress in polka dot by FemmeLuxe
Date nigh dress in polka dot by FemmeLuxe

It's not a silly concept if you think about it - by taking time away, doing things I love, I top up my energy and creativity levels. I remember when I first started the business I propelled so quickly because I had so much time to boost creativity whilst resting and enjoying hobbies, experiences, travel. Then I got so busy that I stopped doing what I wanted to do and let my business run me, which in the end turned into burnout. By taking time to do projects slower, I am more mindful, intentional and creative in the process achieving as close to perfection as humanly possible for my clients. I no longer want to rush deadlines - I have already given myself brownie points for saying no to a brand who wanted to start social media right in the middle of Christmas. I mean, that's sacred time for family, friends, food and booze. Saying 'no' can be beneficial and something I'm learning to do more as my business carries on growing and there needs to be more balance between my career and personal life.

Date nigh dress in polka dot by FemmeLuxe
Date nigh dress in polka dot by FemmeLuxe

A couple of things I'm planning to do more of to help me slow down and keep inspired are:

  • Say no to projects and invitations which won't serve me or overwhelm me. Self explanatory - for a long time I have been ignoring my tiredness and stress levels by saying yes to everything because I was worried I would miss an opportunity or upset someone. Saying 'no' is ok when the opportunity isn't right - I would rather have that opportunity come around again at a better time, that feel stressed and rushed and produce a piece of work which I wasn't 100% proud of. Same goes for social events, it's OK to reject an invite from a friend if you need the rest and they will understand. If they don't, you may want to question your relationship with that friend because they're clearly not thinking about you
  • Start spending more time being more outdoorsy. Fresh air, beautiful views, exploring new places... What could be better? I loved travelling to explore Wales, Scotland, Cornwall and do their beautiful treks and walks. With two dogs to keep me busy (one is clearly going to be an Instagram dog as she wanted to get into my pictures!) and needing to explore, it's something I'll have to do anyway but remembering how happy it makes my soul is worth the energy investment
  • Travel more. And I'm not talking overseas ever other month - jeez, we've just bought a house and have two fur babies which need our love and attention. But taking long weekends in between big trips is a must - I love photography and exploring, cosying up by the fire with a glass of wine afterwards... This to me is pure slow living.
  • Go on more dates with my fiancĂ©. This is something we should pay even more importance to when we've been in a relationship for a while. I've been with my fiancĂ© for six and a half years and we'v gotten lazy when it comes to dating. A date to us is a movie night with takeaway and PJ's and whilst that's heavenly, it's also important to go out together to enjoy activities and to just talk... And the dress I'm wearing in this post is going to be my perfect date night dress! It's perfect to wear with a pair of black tights and black heels/booties, or with scrappy sandals and a tan in the summer. Polka dots are also very flattering and I love the one sleeve look - this is a super cute date night dress!
  • Make myself a priority. This is the task I've been set by my mindset and lifestyle coach and I'm taking her advice to focus on the things that I want to do for a while - from the smaller stuff like start getting my nails and eyelashes done, to bigger things like investing in help around the house and the business (I'm clearly Wonder Woman juggling all these things but jeez even she has backup!)
This isn't an exhaustive list but a few things I'd like to start to do more of this year. I'd love to know how you slow down and unwind? I know a pamper evening or a bath is a good choice, but do you have a special way to slow your mind and body?

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