22 May 2012

Channeling Seventies.

Dress Primark, earrings Topshop, sunglasses ASOS, belt Primark, shoes New Look

I tried to take the pictures so you could see the flowing sleeves on this dress, did it work? :) I got this dress about a year ago from Primark, it cost me less that £15 and I think it looks great because of it's color and it's length. Although I'm wearing it with black tights today because I was pessimistic about the weather, it's actually a great length to wear alone as it gives you enough coverage when there is a gust of wind and the skirt goes flying... As the color of it reminds me of the great 70's, I paired it with oversized sunglasses and chunky heels and my favorite Chloe perfume!
This look is more conservative as I wore it to work today, but it can also be easily transformed to go out after the business day is over: tights off and hair loose. Plus, after you've been wearing your hair in a tight bun all day, the waves come naturally! After all. the 70's were a party age :)



  1. Such a beautiful dress :)

    1. Thank you :) It was a bargain! I love the quotes on your blog .xo

  2. the dress suits you so well :) love the flattering design of the sleeves.
    seems to be the perfect summer dress :)




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