18 May 2012

Mon Chien.


I thought it's about time to introduce the creature that means absolutely everything to me and let you get to know me a little more. This is my bassador Harvey, he is a cross between a basset hound and a labrador. My family adopted him in 2010 when we visited the Dogs Trust in Newbury, looking for a companion for me when I lived alone in Bath. I spotted a little chihuahua called Marty who has been abused in the past and his whiskers appeared to be singed. It was horrible, and all I wanted to do was take Marty home and cuddle him but he was such a loud dog that living in my rented flat I just couldn't take the risk of both of us getting evicted, but Marty's story ended good with him finding a lovely home right the next day after I visited him. So after an hour of wondering how I could possibly take all the dogs into my care, we were told that a dog has been brought in just now by a family very similar to ours. Out comes Harvey and the rest was history!

Harvey loves going out for walkies (a word that is prohibited in our house otherwise we'd be outside permanently), his favorite treats are Pedigree Jumbones and Denta Stix alongside the occasional snack on an apple or cucumber. He loves rolling around on our fluffy carpet and snuggling to me on our bed. Harvey is the only one who knows when I'm truly happy or upset and he is always there for me with shiny eyes, wagging tale and a doggy smile on his face.

Before I made the decision to adopt a dog, I was going to buy a puppy but I am so happy I didn't because then I never would have met my best friend. My dream is to one day own a house with acres of land so I could take these dogs that have been dumped into kennels and give them a proper good home, with lots of yummy food and toys and treats. It's not fair to leave them alone in a cage, so I urge anyone who is thinking of getting a new four legged friend, please adopt.

Visit http://www.dogstrust.org.uk/ to find a center near you.



  1. Hi, very nice dog, lovely pictures.

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