20 August 2012

August GlossyBox.

August Glossybox

August Glossybox

Lipcote Glossybox

cleansing oil Glossybox

balm Glossybox

nail polish Glossybox

August Glossybox

Vera Valenti L'Ombre a Paupiere Margarita (SPAIN) (£3.85): This is a multicolour eye shadow palette with a built in mirror and an applicator pad. It's a great palette to have with you on the go as it's small and compact. And you will probably need to carry it with you as I found the eye shadow does not stay on for long. I had to apply quite a lot of it on to see the colours, if you like subtle shimmers then it's a great product but I was hoping the colours would show up more on my eyes. I love the idea of green and browns, but the intensity was just not there. I also do not like the look of the actual compact as the white plastic makes it look cheap.


Lipcote Lipstick Sealer (UK) (£3.99): Lipcote is a famously known lipstick sealer which has been used by celebrities and make-up artists for 50 years now! I never tried Lipcote before this box and I honestly think I will never be able to live without this product again. I used lipsticks quite often, sometimes heavy reds and sometimes a subtle pink or plum for a hint of colour. I hate how lipsticks rub off so easily leaving marks on your glasses or your boyfriends cheeks. With Lipcote, you apply your lipstick then dab, then apply a little more and dab again so your lips are dry. You then apply a thin layer of Lipcote on top and for me, it stings like hell for about 3 seconds but it's worth the result. Lipcote dries in seconds, and your lipstick lasts for a good 2 hours with drinking and eating! Big ♥


DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (JAPAN) (£18.50): This is a cleanser that combines olive and rosemary oil to nourish the skin whilst taking off all the make-up, dirt and impurities from your face so that products such as toner can be absorbed better. You pour a little product on dry hands and then massage your face, skin must be dry. You then rinse it off with lukewarm water and voila! Your skin is left feeling cleansed and nourished.
I enjoyed using the product, my skin does feel really soft after I finished my routine which now includes the DHC cleanser, but I do wonder if it will react different with oily skin??


All for Eve for the Eve Appeal Eve's Balm (£4.95): This is a multipurpose balm that can be applied on your lips, face or body on areas of dry, chapped skin. The products contains lavender, wild mint and chamomile to soothe and nourish your skin. The little pot has a mirror inside so it's always handy to have with you to check up on your make-up too!
I love the way this balm smells and I've been addicted to it during the weekend. A definite handbag must-have (for me!)

The Eve Appeal is a gynaecology cancer research fund and you can find more information about it here http://www.eveappeal.org.uk/


Alessandro Pro White (GERMANY) (£7.85): This is a nail polish which due to a special pigment in the ingredients is supposed to balance out the yellow in your nails (sometimes can occur if you use nail polishes) and turn them back to polished white. You apply this nail polish onto clean nails, I find it can also be used as a base coat. I didn't see a drastic change when I used it, I guess it could be something that will work over time?


GlossyBox Lipstick in Glossy Pink (£9.50): GlossyBox teamed up with Kryolan to produce a range of every day lipsticks, creamy in texture and colours that can be as subtle or as strong as you choose. I really loved their brush in the June box (you can read the review here) which I use every day to apply my bronzer (which also came from that box) so you can see that GlossyBox are expanding into having a beauty range of their own. I like the colour of the lipstick, it is definitely something I would use as an every day product and it's nice and smooth, leaves my lips feeling nourished. But what I don't agree with is their pricing. £9.50 for this lipstick is just too much, as GlossyBox is not famous for its own brand makeup I think they're aiming too high. It is a nice colour and it feels great, but it's not the Superman of the lipstick world. So three marks go down just for the over-price alone.


There has been a lot of comments on GlossyBox and how certain things come in small sizes, but I'd just like to mention that two months have gone since I received my BM Bronzer in June's GlossyBox, I have been using it every day and I still have half of the tub left. As it was a mineral bronzer, you need a tiny dusting of the product to not only do the job but also last a while. Same as with the DHC Oil, just a little splodge will work.

If you would like to find out more or subscribe to Glossybox visit the website here.

What did you get in your box this month? Did you like it?




  1. mmMmMmm I'm jealous, I'll have to subscribe to one of these things.


    1. I loom forward to mine every month! It's very hit and miss with them for most customers but so far (touch wood!) I've not had a bad box!

      Lana, xo

  2. Hmm, I think maybe the Alessandro Pro white does need to be applied often to see results! I never really use a base coat or anything, and i've noticed my nails get way too pigmented after using strong nail colour. Would love to try this product!


    1. I have that problem with reds or orange nail varnishes so I'm hoping this product might make a difference in a couple of uses! Will update this review in two weeks I think!

      Lana, xo


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