21 August 2012

Nads Wax Pots.

Nads Natural Warm Wax, Nads Brazilian and Bikini Wax.

Prior to trying wax pots, I have been waxing unwanted hair with ready-made strips with which all you had to do was heat them up by rubbing them between your palms, stick on and peel, but for me they only did half the job. I'd have to go back and wax the same area twice or get the tweezers involved more than I wanted to and it was a tedious and less than pleasant experience. So I decided to go one step further and try out wax pots, and Nads caught my eyes (ha-ha...) I purchased the Natural Warm Wax to use on legs and the Brazilian and Bikini Wax for the more sensitive areas.

Being brave I decided to try the Brazilian and Bikini Wax first as I am more familiar with at home bikini waxing. The wax pot comes with two wooden spatulas to  apply the wax once it's warm, cleansing wipes to help get rid of unwanted wax left on your skin and 4 shapes you can use (for the brave home waxers!). You heat the wax pot in the microwave for the amount of time depending on your microwave settings, take it out and leave to melt. Once the wax is of the same consistency as honey, I dab a tiny drop on the inside of my arm to test the temperature (please be sensible whist testing the temperature as hot wax can be very dangerous and painful). Once I'm comfortable, the process begins. You spread a thin layer of the wax onto the desired area, count to 15 and peel off as quickly as you can, holding your skin tight. Personally, I did not feel the pain at all the first couple of times, it was only after some time that my skin started to get sensitive and I had to stop. The wax did not cause me a reaction and my skin felt comfortable, the natural ingredients made my skin feel soft and the wax smelt so fruity! I love using this type of wax now and I will never go back to strips again. It was so easy to use and so pain-free that I recommended it to my friend who later messaged me to say "I'm happy to report that you aren't a liar! That wax was so pain free and easy to use, I'm so impressed!" Top marks for the Nads Brazilian and Bikini Wax from all! (Please remember to test the product on a small patch of your skin, then wait 24 hours to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients)

As I was so psyched about how easy and pleasant the first wax pot was, I was eager to do the same with my legs. This one works a little different, the wax pot comes with cleansing wipes which you use prior to the waxing to ensure the area is dirt and grease free (whilst you do that you can heat up the wax which takes only seconds to heat). Once the wax as at a comfortable heat (again, ensure you test the heat carefully as hot wax can be very dangerous) you spread the wax in a thin layer with the spatula on the area you wish to wax and then apply one of the cotton strips included in the pack to press against the wax and peel off as quickly as you can. It's not that I found this painful, in fact it didn't feel painful at all, but the after effect was a nasty stinging feeling which left my skin red and bumpy. I was a little nervous at first but the sensation went away after about an hour or two and according to the girls I spoke to it's normal for your skin to be sore after a wax, especially if it's not used to it. The waxing itself was another pleasant experience as the wax smelt gorgeous and felt really nice on my skin. All you have to do after you finish is wash of the wax with a little bit of water, I prefer to get into a luke-warm bath and just let my skin cool off a little. However... The wax didn't work quite as well as I expected as the hair was not visible on my skin, but I could still feel it. I won't be using this wax again, just because it didn't quite work for me.

So the verdict is that I really enjoyed using the Nads Brazilian and Bikini Wax, they smell and feel wonderful and the best part is that they include natural ingredients and the brand is against animal testing. Mucho love! ♥
Have you used Nads Natural Warm wax before? Did it work for you?



  1. It’s great that you could do this by yourself! Waxing the legs or bikini lines is fine, but Brazilian waxing is on a whole different level. Even if you’ve pulled this off quite well, it would be a good idea if, next time, you exfoliate the skin first. I assure you it would be less painful, and with better results. Without the dead skin, it would be easier for the wax to grip onto shorter hairs.

    -->Justine Cricks

  2. What does the Nads Natural Warm Wax come with in the box? Will I have to buy more strips if I purchase the wax? Thanks

    1. The Nads Natural Warm Wax includes the wax pot, cotton strips and cleansing wipes. I didn't have to purchase any more strips, they tend to put in a good amount for the wax! xo


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